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Friday, February 14, 2020

Contributing Article | Losing Confidence In Your Natural Hair?

Failed Perm Rod Set 
Confession 1: Sometimes I want to shave all my hair off.
Confession 2: My hair goes in protective styles often, because i hate wearing my hair down.
Confession 3: I do lose confidence in my natural hair sometimes...

Going back to relaxers is out of the question for many naturals. I mean, please! The creamy crack is a thing of the past, there’s no need to second guess that decision. Weeeeell that’s just until your hair decides to be very uncooperative and you have tried everything 3 times to get it to behave...

I mean, what can you do?

All the bad hair days, uncertainty about what products to use, excessive hair shedding, single-strand knots, and getting bored/irritated with your natural hair can and will put a dent in your hair journey, trust me we all go through it. I surely have been there many times...so you are surely not alone.

Don't get me wrong...I love my natural hair, but sometimes I just don't feel the excitement or PI-ZAZZ that I had at the beginning of my hair journey. Now, I will NEVER go back to relaxers, but I wish there was something I would do to get me out of this rut...

There surely is...check out Losing Confidence In Your Natural Hair? Try These 6 Tips To Excite You Again on Black Hair Information for more information!

What do you do to gain confidence with your natural hair?

Natural hair says: try these tips out to help you feel confident about your natural hair again.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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