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Monday, April 20, 2015

My Hair Diary | Natural, Full, And Gorgeous!

My Hair Diary
Have you been keeping up with your hair diary?! I know I have!

I update every two weeks on Thursdays with the following details: styles did, products used, what worked, what sucked, and my true feelings on "everything hair."

I keep my hair diary on an app, "My Wonderful Days," in which I can add pictures, videos, and of course my writing entry. I have kept this diary since July 2011.

I will share my entry that I posted on April 16, 2015:

Natural hair is excited about...being healthy and full!!!

I am really excited about my hair! Seriously though, I have not been more excited about my hair than I have been today. I set my hair for a flexi rod style the night before, thinking that my hair would be flat and lifeless like before:
Flexi Rod Set Christmas 2014

I honestly was afraid on how my hair would turn out...I really wanted volume for my fine textured hair.. To set this flexi rod style, I used Karen's Body Beautiful Leave-in Conditioner and Flaxseed Gel. I also used jumbo rollers to stretch and air dry my hair. This was the result:

Flexi Rod Set April 2015

I am soooooo happy my hair came out like this! Look at all that volume. Now that's what I was looking for. I also use Maybelline Eye Color Tattoo (Gold).

Moving on...

...look at that growth though!

Natural Hair Length Check April 2015
Natural Hair Length Check June 2014
Length Check September 2014 (cut bangs a few times)

Patience, effort, and knowing your hair is all that you need to accompany a great hair care regimen. This is the same one I have been using since from January 2015 to December 2015:

Pre poo - (weekly) coconut milk pre-poo , overnight

Clarify - (when needed) Mud Wash
Protein - (weekly) Green Tea Rinse OR (once a month) henna treatment
Moisturizers - Shea Moisture Yucca Mist and Flaxseed gel
Oils castor, olive, coconut oil, rosehip seed, lavender essential, peppermint essential
Stylers - Flaxseed gel, Crème of Nature Argan Oil Styling Mousse, Alikay Natural Crème Brulee, Crème of Nature Argan Perfect Edges 

I may change up stylers here and there, depending on the style I'm achieving. However, this is the regimen that I keep up with...

Speaking of regimen, can you see my henna?

Look at that burgundy color!

Henna Treatment With Hibiscus
The henna is more evident in the sunlight than at home...

One great thing about my natural hair journey is my family support of my hair. My husband definitely loves my natural hair, especially twist outs. He says, "I love your hair in that zig-zag-crimpy style you do". My heart melted.
My Hair Diary | Natural, Full, And Gorgeous!

And of course, I can't forget about Bink! He loves mommy's hair. Whether he is pulling, scrunching, holding, or rubbing my hair, I know he def loves mommy's natural hair!

My Hair Diary | Natural, Full, And Gorgeous!

Oh! And just so you know, I literally wear my hair in a bun, high puff, or flat twists during the week and out styles during the weekend. As my hair gets longer and longer, I want my hair off my neck more and more. And sometimes, my hair stays like this for a few days:

My Hair Diary | Natural, Full, And Gorgeous!
It's cute and out of the way!

And There You Have It!

What have you written in your hair diary lately?

Not too hard, eh? If you need help to start or need more ideas for your hair diary, check out It Works - Keeping a Hair Diary.

Natural hair says...keeping a hair diary can seem like so much work. But when you put the time in to create a hair diary, you can see the progress in your hair journey from your own words. After a few entries, you will be doing yours like clockwork. Try it!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Awesome awesome post! I am loving your progress and your hair!!! Look at that flexirod set!!! :D You and your hair (and little one) are gaaawgeous!

  2. Awe thank you so much Maicurls!!! I'm really proud of my hair. She has really comes a long way. I thought I would never see healthy hair again. I'll still learning and perfecting my regimen, but I'm pleased to say that I actually love my hair! And yes hunty!!! My little one gets his pictures in with mommy hahaha


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