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Monday, April 6, 2015

My Hair Diary | Girl, Don't Your Fight That Shrinkage!

Girl, Don't Your Fight That Shrinkage!
When your shrinkage is the bomb, so you
take a photo in the dressing room!!

You see it everywhere! Natural hair women asking others how to fight hair shrinkage and to elongate their hair with using heat. Some just don't like their hair shrinkage because it doesn't show their full growth. I almost had those same thoughts run through my mind...until my mane starting talking to me, by giving me a piece of her mind:

Girl, Don't Your Fight That Shrinkage!
"Are you seriously about to use that product to elongate me or whatever that means?! Honey-child, if you don't put that mess down, I'm going to bop you in the eye and shed all over the bathroom floor."

You want to grow me out and love me fully, but you don't want to love all of me! Sistah-girl, don't mess with my natural kinks, blinks, naps, and finger-snaps...this is all of me and just who I am. Don't change that!"

"Girl, please learn and know that I'm am the pinnacle of beauty: natural hair at its finest! Don't you know that I am a crown of a Queen. I am royalty in all of my glory. If you use that mess that is supposed to do some voodoo-anti-shrinkage-whatever you call it, you will deny your crown...you would deny me."

"Don't think that I am not worth playing with and trying out different things on me. Girl! I don't mind it at all. I absolutely love it...but please learn and know that shrinkage is me. It's who I am. Learn to embrace the shrinkage and know that I am beautiful in all of my full glory."

"Love you shrinkage sistah-girl...don't fight me"

Girl, Don't Your Fight That Shrinkage!
Whatever I had at the time to "fight" my shrinkage, I threw it away and continued to play in my Beautiful Crown...shrinkage and all!

Natural hair says: when you get in the 2nd or 3rd year of your natural hair journey, you definitely want to show off your length. However, make sure that you are doing that for styling purposes and not fighting your shrinkage. Natural hair is versatile and able to withstand any style...but don't fight your shrinkage. Love all the curls, coils, and kinks of your hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J



  1. Embrace that shrinkage! I love it ;)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I absolutely love my shrinkage. I suppose it's a great indicator of healthy hair :) Thanks for stopping by Tyana!!


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