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Friday, May 29, 2015

Contributing Article | 5 Ways To Determine If Low Manipulation Styling Is For You

Natural Hair Tutorial | Twist Out With Dry, Stretched Hair Tutorial  

I absolutely love protective styling (hiding or tucking your ends away in braids, twists, bun or other styles to avoid heavy manipulation), but I itch for low manipulation styles from time to time as well. I wonder if low manipulation styles are better for me than protective styling.

Natural Hair Tutorial | Flexi Rod Tutorial With Crème 
 of Nature Argan Oil Styling Mousse 

You may be thinking, “That seems so backwards if you want to retain your length! The ends should be protected…” Well, protective styling is not for everyone.

Although, protective styling seems like a great tool to keep the hair protected for a short or long period of time, low manipulation styling can be a great asset to use for some ladies on their healthy hair journey as well.

Natural Hair Tutorial | Wash And Go Tutorial  

Check out 5 Ways To Determine If Low Manipulation Styling Is For You on Black Hair Information for more information!

Natural hair says: choose styles that do not require too much combing or manipulation to maintain during the style’s duration. Ultimately, your goal is to do a style that can reduce the damage it can undergo; that’s the point of limiting manipulation for a few days.

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