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Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Hair Diary | I Hate Wearing My Hair Down

How To | Twist Out With Dry, Stretched Hair Tutorial
I love all kinds of "out" styles (roller sets, blow outs, bantu knot outs), but my favorite for the past few weeks has been the twist out.

Since I am learning morning about my hair by doing DIY or learning more styles, I'm able to do more styles with my hair. Like every other girl, I love when my hair blows in the wind and has so much bounce. And don't you love it when you've finally figured out how to do a style? Just like when I figured out how to do a wash n go, the twist out has never failed me...my twist outs are literally the bomb.

But that's when 3rd day hair comes in...

See my baby #photobomb my selfie?! LOL


I'm all for a low manipulation style. I'm mean, I do 4 pineapples at night so there is no re-twisting. I do love my hair gaining more volume day by day...especially since I have thin textured hair. Hey! I can use all the volume I can get. But as my hair gains more volume, my hair becomes too much maintenance.

I'm not talking about my fingers in my hair all the time and without end. I'm not talking about me carrying a pick in my back pocket to make sure that my hair stays volumized. I'm surely not talking about my hair becoming detangled...really that's not it...

It's the fact that I hate when my hair grazes along my neck and shoulders!

I know right?! I'm a weirdo...because you would think I would love to have my hair out as it gets longer by me caring for her gently. I'm shocked at my own self when I prefer to have my hair up and out of the way than down and in my way. I mean, I have a life to live and having my hair on my neck daily is not for me.

I like stretched hair styles, but I really appreciate my shrinkage!

It's amazing that I see other naturals wearing their hair in their natural state or wearing a stretched style, enjoying their length and allowing their hair to be out daily...yea, that's just not me. I love to see other naturals enjoy their hair ABSOLUTELY! I rather just have my hair in a bun or flat twists.

Hey There! I'm Christina J. Welcome to Desire My Natural!You know what? Seems like whenever I do wear my hair down, I excite others. And that surely makes me happy because they look at my hair as "one day I'll get there" or "I love when your hair is out" or "your hair surely give me hope and life." I do love when I inspire others to continue on their healthy hair journey...but then I feel like I 
disappoint them the next day. The next day? My hair is in a bun or in a faux tapered flat twist look.

I mean I know they are disappointed, because the next day the extra smile is gone and they are like "awe man, I really like your hair out" or "you always have your hair in a bun" or "oh, why did you put your hair up?" I know I can say, "because it's my hair and I hate my hair down," but instead I say, "I really like my up styles, but I'll wear it down again soon," with a smile on my face.

No, not really...

My version of soon is very different than your version...just saying...

But I digress.

My do love my hair and the different style I am able to come up with her. I just don't do down styles...they are not for me. The styles that I choose to rock are off of my neck and in the air:

Queen Puff

My Mane Speaks | Strut The Puff, Sweet Girl!

Seriously though, I love this style more than any others. I suppose I don't need to do much to my hair beside African Threading to stretch it out. Other than that, I'll leave my hair like this for the week.

Grown Bun

Style Of The Week
Natural Hair Inspiration 2 | Queen: Easy High Bun 

To all my lazy naturals out there, I feel you. Once I complete my Wash regimen and stretch my hair out...up she goes in a bun. The good this is that I moisturize and seal my hair like I'm insane, so I leave my hair in a bun for the week. I also don't bun my hair too tight...I use a elastic headband to put my hair in a Queen Afro, then bobby pin my ends down gently. After that, I wrap a Goodie ponytail holder on my bun to secure.

She's lazy...

Faux Tapered Cut | Flat Twists Updo

Natural Hair Inspiration 6 | The Flat Twist Up Do Using Extensions/Braiding Hair

I may not like my hair on my neck, but I don't mind my hair in my face...that's just my thing. If I have extra energy and my fingers are pumped up to do the work, I will twist my hair up for this style. This style lasts for a good two to three weeks, depending on when I should wash my hair.

In the end...I really don't like my hair down. So you don't need to ask me why I don't wear my hair down often. Not trying to be rude...I don't have time to think something else is on my neck when it's only my hair.

But think: That's how I know my hair is retaining length hahahaha #goodtimes

Natural hair says: just because your hair is retaining length does not mean you have to show it all the time...find a style that works for you.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Marquita C.7/01/2015

    Your hair is gorgeous! I actually had a style very similar to your flat twist up-do just a couple weeks ago! It's great that you can do that yourself, I had to go get mine done.

  2. I find myself drawn to updos as well. Part of it is I don't want my hands in my hair and the other part is I want to retain length. My husband likes to see my curls, so I'm trying to wear it down at least once during the week. Thanks for sharing! #BLMGirl

  3. Bobbie7/01/2015

    I wear my hair in a puff 95% of the time. #blmgirl

  4. I feel that! That's exactly how I am. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Yes maam. I do wear my hair out over the weekends sometimes. But mostly my hair is in a high bun and that's about it. I appreciate your comment

  6. Awe thank you so much!!! it takes practice and I'm sure you will be able to do this yourself in no time


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