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Friday, January 24, 2020

Hair Tips | 4 Detangling Tips For Fine Natural Hair

Hair Tips | 4 Detangling Tips For Fine Natural Hair

Detangling is using a hair care tool or your fingers to remove tangles and shed hairs that cause matting, knots, and ultimately breakage. When you learn to detangle your natural hair correctly, you can ensure that you will not cause breakage to your hair strands.

Let's discuss tips to help with detangling natural hair:

1). Always detangle before your Wash Regimen

Hair Tips | 4 Detangling Tips
For Fine Natural Hair

It is important to get all the shed hair out of your hair before washing. It is possible that your shed hair will cause even more tangling, matting, and lots of breakage. You definitely do not want that.

2). Best to use fingers than a hair tool

It is best to use your fingers before using a hair tool to detangle your hair. Using hair tools for detangling can cause even more damage. Using your fingers will allow you to feel the tangles to easily take out the shed hair.

3). Detangle on damp hair (never dry and never wet)

This is great to do during a pre poo treatment or a hot oil treatment. The slip in the hair will allow the shed hair to slide right out without any breakage. If you hair is dry during detangling, your shed hair could create friction and even more tangles that the ones you began with.
Hair Tips | 4 Detangling Tips For Fine Natural Hair

4). Best time to massage your scalp

Once all of the shed hair are out, this is a great time to massage your scalp and allow the mixture to moisturize your hair. Scalp massages can:

  • Promotes strengthened roots of the hair
  • Spreads the natural oils of the hair to increase hair luster
  • Promotes blood circulation in the scalp for healthy hair growth
  • Alleviate stress and improve your mood
  • Hair Tips | 4 Detangling Tips
    For Fine Natural Hair
  • Help relax the muscles in your neck

And that's it!

This full detangle process takes about 15-20 minutes after taken out my hairstyle for the week. This can can 10 minutes when remoisturizing my hair, if less when stretched. The most important tip is to:


For more help with detangling, check out these helpful tutorials:
Naptural 85 YouTube Video: 25 Minute Co Wash + Detangle!

How do you detangle your hair?

Natural hair says: it is very important to detangle your hair whenever you take out your style, prepare for Wash Day, and/or before styling. If you don't detangle, your hair can get: matted when washing, create unnecessary tangles, and can be difficult to style.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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  1. Nice! I need to learn to detangle more. Sometimes I run straight to the shower after exercising. But for bobby pins, try Sally Beauty. They have nice bobby pins that aren't cheap (no offense). Love the website. Keep doing great


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