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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Doing Her Hair Series! | Senegalese Twists Using Janet Collection Noir Tantalizing Twist Braid Crochet Braids

Janet Collection Noir Tantalizing Twist Braid
I am so excited about this protective style because 1). I have never done this before, 2). this style will take less than an hour to do, and 3). I really want to do something awesome for my sister!

LeAnne has been wanting Senegalese twists for a long while and Lord knows I was not gonna sit and do a 'zillon and one' twists for the duration of 8 hours to 2 days (give or take). However, I've been practicing with crochet braids for a while now and thought I do some research on crochet Senegalese twists...

...and there you have it.

Pre-twisted hair in a bag!!!

This is such a blessing because I didn't want to pre-twist the hair either (that's not being lazy...that's been truthful). So, when I did my research I learned that there are all kinds of pre-twisted hair! So LeAnne got 4 packs of Janet Collection Noir TANTALIZING TWIST BRAID in T1B/27 and 4.

Pre-twisted hair can be purchased from $5 to $10 at your local beauty supply, Janet Collection, Ebonyline, and

Sams Beauty.
So let's get started!

Prepping The Hair

It is very important to prep your hair for long-term styling effectively and the correct way. Check out this regimen that includes washing, protein treatment, deep conditioning, and blow/air drying.

The Braid Foundation

I've noticed when I see some crochet braids, the braiding foundation is straight back. I don't like the way that the hair sets to show the braiding foundation. Instead, I created slanted braids across the front and to create an "invisible part" and to make the braids look like you got your hair done at the salon and not an unorganized mess.

Braiding Pattern For Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids Process

Since the hair is pre-twisted, this only took about 45 minutes to do the entire style. You would do the normal crochet braiding process with a latch hook needle or a bobby pin (if the hook continues to get stuck in the hair). I only slip knotted once to keep the bulkiness down.

Janet Collection Noir Tantalizing Twist Braid
LeAnne also wanted a few shells in her new style to create the bohemian-island girl look! And why not? I'm so happy that she loves her new style, especially since this is my first time doing crochet Senegalese twists.

The Review On This Style And Hair

From LeAnne:

"I really like this hair style! It is a bit difficult to style it because it is really thick. I really don't know how to wrap it for bed, yet. This style is so easy and was really quick to do, but it can get really hot. Other than that, I would definitely get this style again! The noir hair is twisted all the way down tightly, so the twists don't come undone. I love this style!

And there you have it!

Confession: I'm really jealous of her style now...I'm going to do my hair too! You look really cute sis!!!

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Natural hair says: if you are looking for a quick style, try crochet braids. Whether you want a short style, fun braids, or long curls, crochet braids will be the perfect protective style for your own hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Wow this is too cute! I didn't know there was hair already twisted. Were there any others you saw? Could you post a few more different styles of twisted/braided one too? I love the look!

  2. Yes! I love crochet braids. So many things you can do with it. They surely have come a long way. Nice work Christina J!

  3. Koreen5/27/2015

    This style is too fresh. I love this and I didn't know about pretwisted hair. No more $180 at the braiders! Love the style :)

  4. I know right! My crochet braids in the past never looked as good as I see some today. Thanks for the love :)

  5. She is definitely happy with the style and so am I! It was my first time doing it and I'm very proud of myself. Surely will save me time from getting my hair done and paying the extra money too

  6. Her hair is amazing! Great job :) :)

  7. Wow there are all kinds of pre twisted hair! I just saw Christina's style and LeAnne's style look great too. And didn't take that long? I'll have to really try this out. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

  9. Of course! I have to post all the pretwisted hair I see at the local beauty supply. There are so many different ones. I never noticed them before. But nope! Took less than an hour to do her hair!


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