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Sunday, January 26, 2020

My Wash Day | Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must

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What can I say about deep conditioning? Well, here are the benefits:

Deep conditioning is definitely a natural girl's friend. It is important to keep your hair moisturized and very supple if you want to have healthy hair.

Deep conditioner is made of a thicker conditioner that actually penetrates the hair strands. Regular conditioners are okay, but the deep conditioners do a serious treatment on the hair to have lasting moisturized results.

How To Deep Condition Natural Hair

Shampoo your hair thoroughly with a co-wash or shampoo. If your hair is long, then it might be easier to shampoo the hair in 4-6 loose braids or twists. Your hair won't get so tangled during the wash regimen. Then wrap your hair in a T-shirt to get out all of the excess water.
Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must

Apply a generous amount of conditioner on each section of the hair. If you removed the excess water, the deep conditioner won't slip off your hair as easily when applying.

Make sure to concentrate on the ends, as they are the oldest parts of your hair and need the much love. A good deep conditioner has a lot of slip to manage your hair. If you need to detangle, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to do so. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.
Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must
As you are adding deep conditioner, you can either retwist or bantu knot your hair to get it out of the way of the rest of the process.
Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must

Once the hair has been saturated with conditioner, cover with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 to allow the conditioner to penetrate. You can also use a beanie to add extra heat if you have housework to do.
Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must
Make sure not to leave the conditioner in for more than needed. You don't want to over condition your hair! Once complete, rinse out thoroughly and process with your styling process.

When you are deep conditioning, keep these tips in mind:

Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must
1). Keep deep conditioning a regular treatment on wash day
2). Focus on the ends. Your scalp doesn't need to be conditioned
2). Use heat, especially those with low porosity hair cuticles
3). Don't leave conditioner on too long
3). Rinse with cool water for shine and to seal the hair cuticles.

Here are a few of my favorite deep conditioners:

Natural hair says: deep conditioning is a natural girl's friend to keep her hair moisturized and supple for styling. Try different deep conditioners for yourself and don't forget to read the product labels for "curly girl" friendly ingredients.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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