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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Natural Hair Tutorial | Elastic Cornrows For Those Who Cannot Cornrow

Hellow NaturalBeauty - Elastic Cornrows 
If you are like me, flat twists are definitely your thing. I can flat twist with no trouble and rarely without the use of a mirror. But doing cornrows??? I absolutely cannot do them at all...let along doing a upwards cornrow!! Honestly, I felt a little discouraged, because I thought I would be able to by now...but nope! That's just not my forte.

God really heard my prayers! My friend sent me a video on Facebook called "Elastic Cornrows" posted by Hellow NaturalBeauty. Once I saw the entire process, I was so excited, determined, and relieved. The possibilities would be endless!

Things you need:

Ponytail holder
Elastic black bands
Bobby pins
Rat tail comb
Edge tamer or gel

Elastic Cornrows Tutorial:

Start with freshly cleansed, deep conditioned, moisturized, dry, and stretched hair.

Part your hair from ear to ear, which will give you a top section and a bottom section. Clip the top section away.

Make sure the bottom section is fully detangled and moisturized. Starting from the bottom, part a small section of hair and add your edge tamer/gel to that section.

Carefully, wrap your elastic band around the section together (in a small ponytail). Pull the two strands together to make that ponytail snug, not too tight.

Continue to part and add the elastic band to the second row.

PAY ATTENTION! To make the faux cornrow you would need to part the 3rd row, twist the two sections of the 1st row upwards, and add 1st row to the 3rd row. Wrap an elastic band around it and you've created the first part of the faux cornrow.

Elastic Cornrows

Do the same with the 2nd to 4th row, 3rd to 5th row, and 4th to 6th row.

At the end, either two strand twist or braid the tail of the faux cornrow for the finished touch.

Elastic Cornrows

And there you have it! A Perfect Cornrow!!

Check out the tutorial to try this elastic cornrow out and her other videos for variety of elastic cornrow styles!

Natural hair says: Even though you can't cornrow, don't give up that style! This is an alternate and easier way to get that style you want.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. How pretty!!! Looks good hun :D So you can flat twist but not cornrow huh...flat twists and I have a hate hate relationship and cornrows too lol. My fingers and brain just do not work together when I try attempt to do them. I will have to check out the video because that bun is everything!

  2. Claire China Best Wigs7/14/2015

    It's so beautiful!Love your hair style!

  3. Thank you so much! This was so easy to do and it really looks like a cornrow. Practice makes perfect :) She slays her looks in every video. I love the looks she comes up with!

  4. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment :)


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