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Monday, June 1, 2015

Crochet Braids | Senegalese Twists With Perimeter Using Freetress Braid PreTwisted Hair

Freetress Synthetic Hair Braids Long Senegal Twist 
I'm very excited about this style!
1). I am doing this on myself!
2). I have studied ALL the YouTube videos to create the perfect style!!
3). I'm not spending $200 for this style, but $25 dollars!!!

Prepping The Hair

It is very important to prep your hair for long-term styling effectively and the correct way. Check out a more in depth tutorial on how to prepare the hair that includes washing, protein treatment, deep conditioning, and blow/air drying.

This time I used:

I did the African Threading Method overnight to stretch my hair.

I love this method because my hair dries, but still has moisture (unlike a dryer) and it is easier on my hair (than using heat).

The Braid Foundation

I've decided to have a perimeter to braid my Senegalese twists and crochet the rest. I parted from ear to ear and braided my hair slightly slanted to have my twists fall a certain way.

After all my hair is braiding, I braided each half (right and left) to make pigtails then crisscross them and sewed them down with white sew in thread. 

Crochet Braids Process

What You Need:
  • PreTwisted Hair
  • Crochet Needle or Bobby Pin
I purchased 4 packs of Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Long in 4/30 from my local beauty supply for $5.99/each. And this is the easy part of the style. I do this process first so I can put it up to focus on the perimeter later.

I only used 2 1/2 packs. You would do the normal crochet braiding process with a latch hook needle or a bobby pin (if the hook continues to get stuck in the hair). I knotted them twice to keep the bulkiness down. I also didn't pack my twists in too tightly so the style won't be so bulky. 

Senegalese Twists Along Perimeter Process

What You Need
  • Rat Tail Comb (for parting)
  • Hair Clips
  • Flake Free Hair Gel (Eco Styler Gel)
  • Synthetic Extension Hair (XBraid Kanekalon)
I purchased 1 pack of XBraid 100% Kanekalon in 4/30 from the beauty supply for $4.99. The hair is 84 inches...to keep my style bra strap length, I cut the hair in thirds and stretched it to have frayed ends (blunt ends aren't cute and it would be easier to seal in boiling water)

Synthetic Extension Hair (XBraid Kanekalon)

Measure the extension hair the same as the pretwisted hair. Try to pull the ends of the hair to have frayed ends, not blunt. This will be easier to seal.

Get a section of your own hair to twist and section that part into two halves. Add a bit of gel to your hair to help lay the hair down.

Fold the extension over your finger in half, to make sure the hair is even. Rope twist the middle of the extension and lay it onto your own hair that is already split

Begin to twist the first section of the hair around the extension (either left or right) to allow it to coil around the extension (sometimes I did two strand twists on each side if I couldn't grip the hair). Once secure, twist the second section of the hair around the other part of the extension (same way as the first section), which will coil around the extension.

Once secure, begin to twist the two twist around each other the opposite way as you continue to coil both sections in your finger. Continue to twist down the length to the end.

Once at the end, take a small piece of the hair and knot it around itself to be secure. Then gently pull the end of the twist to help flatten that knot.

Continue to do all over your perimeter.

You can also braid the base of the hair as you would with regular box braids (for about an inch or so) and then twist along the length if you have trouble with the above technique.
Senegalese Twists With Perimeter Using Freetress Braid PreTwisted Hair

This process took me about 4 hours to do perimeter and 45 minutes to do the crochet braids, which is really not that bad for my first time. I was really taking my time with the perimeter too.

Seal the ends in boiling water

I want to make sure that my ends are completely sealed, so I did what the braiders do. I boiled a pot of water and dunked my ends in (did this process in 4 sections) for about 15 seconds. Then I ran my towel along the length of the hair to get the excess water out. This was not too hard and my ends were sealed perfectly.

Senegalese Twists With Perimeter Using Freetress Braid PreTwisted Hair

I got the hair jewelry from the local beauty supply for $1.00. Just had
to jazz my hair up a bit!

And there you have it!

If you need more tips and inspiration, check out my 'instructors!' They are so helpful and really great to watch:

Check out my journey!

Natural hair says: if you are looking for a quick style, try crochet braids. Whether you want a short style, fun braids, or long curls, crochet braids will be the perfect protective style for your own hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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  1. Now this is too cute and it looks like you got your hair done for real! Great job and I'll check out the videos you suggested. I'm thinking about doing something like this too. What do you think of the crocheted twisted hair? Love your blog too


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