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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crochet Braids | 5 Tips On How To Care For FreeTress Senegalese Twists

Crochet Braids: Senegalese Twists With Perimeter
Using Freetress Braid PreTwisted Hair 

So you prepared for your style and got your style done...but the only way for your protective style to stay the bomb is to care it. I mean, what's the point of getting your protective style done that you are suppose to have for a long time...and then you take it out 2 weeks after because your hair got gross? Yea, no point. Pretty much! So I'm going to give you 5tips on how to care for your protective style for about 6-8 weeks, instead of 2 weeks.
Here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

1). Sleep with satin scarf or bonnet

Using a large square scarf for my twists,
and a long, skinny scarf to wrap the top.
Whenever you go to bed, you should always protect your hair with a satin bonnet or a satin scarf. Make sure you use something that covers most to all of your hair.  If not, your extensions would get messy and frizzy. And you definitely would not want that!

I would not recommend using a satin pillow case for a long-term style, because you don't want your hair to move all over the place when sleeping.

It is best to wrap your hair up in a secure way then wrap a satin scarf around your hair or put your satin bonnet on for protection. In other words: PROTECT YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT!!

2). Invest in a few applicator bottles

Using applicator bottles are a hassle-free way to apply your product to your protective style. So what you should do is continue to use your products you really like, but dilute with water or a light oil in an applicator bottle.

For example, I love using Alikay Naturals Leave-In as my moisturizer. So for the duration of my protective style, I will dilute it with JBCO in my applicator bottle.

3). Seal hair with oil

Good thing my oil is already in my applicator bottle! This is so important so your hair remains moisturized and sealed while you have your protective style.

4). Dilute your cleaning agent for effective cleansing

Just because your hair is in a long term protective style does not mean you should not cleanse your natural hair and scalp. Protective styles are not meant to 'set and forget.' You can dilute your shampoo or your clay wash and put in an applicator bottle for a simple regimen to cleanse your scalp and hair.
So easy to sleep this way, instead of putting
in a high bun.

You can also dab a clean cloth in Apple Cider Vinegar and run along the parts in your hair to remove the product build up. I actually love using the apple cider vinegar rinse to cleanse my scalp, my hair, and the faux hair from the product build up. This helps the style last longer and your scalp will be clean. I suggest that you cleanse your hair at least twice a month or more if needed.

Don't skip on cleaning your hair the weeks you will have your protective style. Your hair will be matted, tangled, filled with product build up, and just gross when you take it out...I been there, done that.


5). Deep conditioning still applies

As your hair continues to stay in the long term style, your hair will eventually need the deep conditioning treatment to add the moisture back in your hair. I mean, water mists and oils just won't cut it every time.

I recommend diluting your deep conditioner with water or use coconut oil as a moisturizing and natural alternative.

Cover your hair with a plastic cap/bag and let the conditioner stay on your hair for 20-30 minutes with a hooded dryer or using the steam of the shower. Make sure to rinse well with cool water to remove the conditioner from your hair with cool water. Follow up with your leave-in and light oils to seal. Allow your hair to air dry or use a hooded dryer, but make sure your scalp is fully dry!

And that's it!

Senegalese Twists With Perimeter Using
Freetress Braid PreTwisted Hair

Your protective style is meant as a tool to protect the ends of your hair for retained growth and to help you refresh yourself to care for your own hair. Your protective style is not meant to last forever...so care for your hair every day while you have it.

Follow these tips to care for your long term protective style and to continue with your healthy hair journey. Your natural hair will be healthy and your extension hair will stay beautiful during the duration of the protective style. For more tips, check out 10 Tips For Successful Crochet Braids.

No more 'set and forget' mentality!

Check out my journey!

Natural hair says: make sure you care for your natural and faux hair during the duration of the style. Just because you have a protective style does not mean you should 'sleep' on upkeeping your hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. The hairstyle looks soooo good! :D

  2. Thank you so much! I'm trying different styling options for a healthy hair care regimen. I really appreciate the love :)


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