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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crochet Braids | FAQs of Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small

Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small

Crochet braids are an awesome way to put your hair up, save you lots of money, and to have fun with different types of styles. The install I have now are Senegalese Twists Crochet Braids, which is a different take for me that I have tried in the past. This style allows me to get up in the morning, "fluffy," style if I want, and to moisturize/seal with a quickness. My hair is put away and that's the way I love with my protective styling.

Here are the answers to your questions, pros, and cons of my journey with Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small:

Questions and Answers about Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small

"Is this style hard to do?"
Not at all. This crochet process is the simplest one I've ever done. You literally take the twists and crochet it in. No preparation or styling needed.

"How do you upkeep your style? What tips to do have to care for it?

I really care for my style diligently. I make sure to massage my perimeter with JBCO, while massaging my scalp with the oil as well. I use coconut oil to moisturize my strands and not any water-based products. I don't want my hair to frizz up during the duration and make the style look old. Now I do use Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in mixed with JBCO for my braiding foundation to keep the hair moisturized and sealed.

"Do you wash your hair? How do you cleanse your scalp?"
I don't wash my hair, but I do cleanse my scalp with a Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. This will keep my hair frizz-free and my scalp cleansed.

"Where did you get the hair jewelry?"
These can be purchased online or at your local beauty supply. They are called hair cuffs, hair clamps, hair pegs, or dreadlock cuffs. I purchased 12 for $1.00.

"How does the Freetress behave? Is there anything for me to worry about?
The hair is pretty easy to manage. It's really not that hard to care for the style. Nothing really to worry about, but for the style itself I do have a few cons.

"What is the best night routine?"
I use two scarves: one to cover my twists and one to cover my scalp. Check out How To Care For Crochet Braids for more information.

Pros of Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small

Very convenient for on-the-go
I love that I can just get up and go. I may add a few accessories and bows to my style, but nothing tough about it. Definitely helps with my busy lifestyle.

Easy to care for and low maintenance 
I literally use 3 products to upkeep this hair (ACV for cleansing, Alikay naturals leave-in, and JBCO). I don't need too much for this style.

Put hair away for long-term
Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small
It was the time to put my natural hair away for a while. I definitely needed this much needed break.

Easy to find the hair online or at local beauty supply 
This hair is literally everywhere (internet and local beauty supplies) and the price is not bad either. Depending on where you buy the hair, is can be $4.99 to $7.99 a pack. Pretty cheap!

Very simple to install
There is no separating, brushing, curling, nor hassle. You literally do the crochet braiding process and that's it.

Able to seal the ends with boiling water
It was pretty simple to seal the ends since the hair is synthetic. They do not come undone or untwisted during the duration of the wear.

Can reuse the hair for another style
You don't need to cut the pre twisted hair out, especially if you like the twists. You can literally pull the hair out and cleanse with a sulfate-free shampoo for another wear, if you like.

The hair is very soft to the touch
It is not hard at all. This hair is literally soft to the touch...

Cons of Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small

Frizz up like crazy
...but this hair is too soft to the point that it frizzes up over time. There is constant trimming along the hair, which is very annoying. Suggestion: seal the entire pretwisted hair strands in boiling water to seal, then install the hair.

The hair is all the same length
Which causes the hair to look TOO layered. Usually when you get your hair braided, the braids/twists are about the same length. It wasn't too bad, but you have to be strategic in your styling.

Have to double-knot the hair...maybe triple knot
Which can make the style look bulky, especially if you use too many twists in one spot. The hair WILL slip out if you do not double-knot the hair. So be aware, especially if your twists start to slip.

Scalp can't breathe - too bulky
One thing I do like about traditional braids/twists is that my scalp was able to breathe and feel the breeze. I'm not able to experience that feeling with this style.

The Future of Freetress Braid Senegalese Twists Small

"Will you use this hair again?"
Mostly likely! I will try a different braiding pattern, because my hair is getting longer. The hair is definitely a great buy for a 4-6 week wear.

"When are you taking out this style?"
I have had this style for about 3 weeks, so I will take it out soon. I like to change up my styles often!

Check out my journey!

Natural hair says:  The best way to find the hair for you is to continue to try different kinds of brands and products. Do your research and try them for yourself. If you need any assistance, check out Facebook crochet braids groups, message boards, or contact Twana on her website Crochet Braids By Twana (where I started).

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Brit B6/17/2015

    Very nice! This looks so easy to do. I will try this myself :) I saw lots of different twisted hair at the Lbss. Do you have any suggestions on any of the others? Love the site!

  2. Seriously loving these styles on you! :D

  3. Thank you so much! You should try it. It is so easy. And I just started using pre twisted hair. So whatever look you are going for, you should try that type of hair. But you never know unless you try! Thanks for the love :)

  4. Awe thank you so much! I'm trying to go outside of the box with my hair styles. I know protective styling is best for my hair, so I'm trying to cater to that aspect. Think you will try it?

  5. I always want try faux locs but my issue is I would miss my hair LOL. I had mini twists once that I managed to keep in for 2 weeks and ended up taking them down because I missed my hair too much! One day I will :)

  6. Now that would be a beautiful style on you! You should definitely try faux locs. But I know exactly what you mean lol I'm thinking about another long term style...but I would miss my hair lol


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