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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why Does My Hair Journey Have To Be A Struggle With My Family?

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The decision was my own to go natural, but somehow, my hair choice seemed to be always other people’s business. It was so bad that I started to believe that dealing with critics and faultfinders was part of the journey to go natural.

Going natural was so new to me and I had no idea where to start at first, so having the support and encouragement of my family members would have been a great start to my new beginning. For me, it was a big decision to change a habit that would be a part of my life just as my relaxed hair was.

From my own experience if you are having trouble with your family and your natural hair, here are my tips to alleviate some of the issues:

Check out Why Does My Hair Journey Have To Be A Struggle With My Family? on Black Hair Information for tips of encouragement to help you handle those specific issues.

Natural hair says: as long as you love your own hair, don't worry or care what others think and say. Of course, you want your family to support you, but learn to encourage yourself with your own decisions you make.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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