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Friday, July 31, 2015

My Hair Diary | I Love Other Natural Hair Journeys

My Hair Journey 
You think you are the only one who is going through the hardship, loving, fighting, embracing, and confusing journey for your natural hair. Well, think again sister! There are many women just like you who are or who are going through the same journey just like you.

I feel that women are embracing their natural hair more and more as there is more information to create regimens, what products and ingredients to use, how to grow your own natural hair, and finding other women with hair just like your own. Personally, I'm still learning to embrace my own natural hair as I grow in my own journey. Being 2.5 years natural, I have learned about myself and my hair while going through triumphs and tragedies.

So at the beginning of my healthy hair journey, I found others who were going through the same thing I was going through: how to go natural. That's when I came across a plethora of natural hair journeys and stories from blogs to vlogs. I loved watching them because they are inspirational to continue on my own healthy hair journey, but also show a newfound love for embracing natural hair. That's what I wanted to experience and feel for myself as well.

So I continued to watch...and I still continue to watch!

Here are a few natural hair journeys I watched and read at the beginning of my hair journey and continue to watch from time to time:

YoursNaturally11 - My Natural Hair Journey-Relaxed to Natural

My Natural Hair Growth Journey-Alicia James
From Shoulder to Waist Length: Geniece’s Natural Hair Story


Natural Hair Journey 2009-2014 - MahoganyCurls

The best part about watching other natural hair journeys while going through your own is the shared excitement for the triumph over retained growth, healthy hair, and the fact that it's your own hair.

Check out:
Friends And Family Hair Stories 
The Natural Hair Movement Sure Has Come A Long Way But Where Did It Begin? 

Natural hair says: Try not to get caught up in "hair crushes" and "hair idols." Be inspired, but don't be worried or jealous of the next girl's hair. Continue to love your own hair as you continue on your hair journey!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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