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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weave Tips | Are Sew-In Weaves Bad For Your Hair?

Of course sew-in weave aren't bad for your hair. The main thing weave wearers would need to remember is that even though you have a sew-in is to still TAKE CARE OF YOU HAIR!

Please, please, please care for your hair while you are wearing your sew-in weave, ladies! It is utterly important to know that even though you are taking a break from manipulating your hair, you will still need to keep your scalp clean, moisturize your hair, and seal your hair with oil.

Whether you are getting a partial or a full sew-in weave, you will use this style as a tool to protect your hair from manipulation and the environment.

Sew-In Weaves Are Great Protective Styles

I would definitely say that a full sew-in weave is an awesome long-term protective style. Your natural hair is braided under a weaving net (which I do recommend for extra protection) and the hair is sewn to the weaving net. This will protect your hair from your manipulative hands and from the environment as the weave takes a beating from daily wear.

As for a partial sew-in, the extensions will not cover the entire head. Most select this option to have more of a natural look. However, you would have to be pretty selective with the weave you will want to wear to match your hair texture, rather than choose whatever you want with a full sew-in. As half of your head is protected with the weave, the leave out would not have so much luck. You may have to flat iron, roller set, braid, or whatever other manipulation you would need to do to match the weave texture. Personally, I feel this is way too much maintenance, but some weave wearers like this option to make the style look more natural.

Low Manipulation And Maintenance

Sew-in weaves are great options to keep your styles simple and easy to care for. You won't spend a lot of time styling your weave, unless you want curls or waves. If you are in a hurry, you already wake up FLAWLESS (if you care for your weave). Usually doing a flat iron set or a roller set is easy to accomplish, especially if your weave is straight. And if you have curly or wavy weave, your style is pretty much set for the duration of the wear.

Retain Lots Of Growth

As you are having fun with your weave, your natural hair is doing its thing by growing and retaining length. Since you have your natural hair braiding up and not messed with for a few weeks, this gives your hair the liberty to retain the growth. You will be surprised how much growth you can retain when you don't mess with your hair on a weekly basis.

Image Credit: Thirsty Roots
Photo Source: via @AngelaSimmons

According to Angela Simmons (who has long and beautiful natural hair, but chooses to wear weaves), she says:

"If I had to pinpoint the length and health of my hair to one thing, I would say it’s due to protective styling.”
-Source: Longing 4 Length

Taking A Break

Sew-ins are awesome for giving you a break from styling and manipulating your own hair. Your natural hair is braiding down for the duration of the wear doing nothing but being cleansed, moisturized, and cared for. This will give you time to sleep in more, spend less time on your hair, and have fun with your weave.

Right on Angela! I totally agree. According to my QNHA of March and September, I learned that my hair thrives on protective styling than when I do low manipulation hair styles (which are not really that low manipulative).

So remember that sew-in weaves are not bad for your hair. Your hair care regimen is what makes your long-term style thrive or make your hair looks like a bird's nest. Be cautious about your natural hair and your weave. This makes all the difference for your own hair health.

Natural hair says: know that sew-in weaves can be a great protective tool for your hair health. Try one out and keeps notes along your journey to see if it was a great benefit to you.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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