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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Contributing Article | Is Your Hair Care Regimen Too Expensive?

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So you quit going to the salon and started doing your own hair with the thought that you might actually save more money than you ever have before.

But then you look at your bank statement at the end of the month and realize that you are still spending just a much if not more on your hair! – This can literally have many of us scratching our heads.

Do you feel that you are trading a costly service for costly products? How much money do you spend a month on hair care products and how can we get within a set budget?

Why are hair products so expensive?

Check out Is Your Hair Care Regimen Too Expensive? 4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Hair Care on Black Hair Information to get the answers you need and ways to be comfortable when purchasing your hair products.

How do you save money on your hair care?

Natural hair says: Research and purchase products that will accommodate your hair care needs and the styles you want, then create your hair care regimen. The budget you create for yourself will be based on this specific regimen that you have.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. I have definitely spent too much on my natural hair care products and I became a product junkie quick and never really testing anything out to see if it really works well for my hair. But i eventually went to a natural hair care salon and finally got down to my signature products that works great for my hair type.

  2. Pannie7/21/2015

    When I first went natural, I've always thought I had to get the expensive natural hair products to care for my hair and it was a disaster. My entire check would go to hair care and I began to resent my hair. Then I watch Naptural85 and other natural hair vloggers who either make their own products or use great cheapies, but their technique is what makes their hair healthy. So I tried that and I felt better about my hair. Now I use V05 for cowashing, a water mister, and coconut oil for my hair care routine. More money for me! Great article :)


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