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Friday, July 3, 2015

Natural Beauty In My Life | LeAnne And Learning Her Natural

This is so exciting!

I got to sit down with my next Natural Beauty In My Life and who is my sister, LeAnne. We basically went through the same horrendous experience of getting a relaxer and learning how to care for our own hair. Now that we are actively caring for our hair, we both see a huge difference of healthy hair habits can do in order to strive for healthy hair.

So when I asked her if I could do an interview of how she felt about her hair and the run down of her natural hair journey, she was so excited to participate! She even had a notebook full of thoughts and emotions so she could give her story straight. Well, here she is!

LeAnne And Learning Her Natural

All About My Natural

How long have you been natural?
I have been on my natural hair journey since 9th grade. I was about 14 years old. So 6 years.
How would you describe your hair?
My hair is very poofy, but I also call my hair nappy - a good way. I enjoy my naps. I'm an Afro-lovin-naps sista.

How long is your hair?
I would say about shoulder length when stretched.

What made you decide to go on a natural hair journey?
I got a relaxer back in middle school. But when I started marching band in high school, I didn't have time to get my hair done. So that's when I began to transition.

Did you transition or big chop?
I transitioned during high school. I had a relaxer for about 8 months (at the end of my middle school years). During the summer for Marching Band season, I just decided to let it grow and fall out. I did not trim my hair. I ain't gonna lie: I was ugly too. Oo, that process was a tough one.
What do you love most about your hair?
I can shape my hair into any style that I please. I can do way more styles with my natural hair than I ever could with my relaxed hair. I absolutely love my hair!
One word to describe your hair is…?

How do you feel being a naturalista?
I love it. I will never turn back to getting a relaxer.

All About My Regimen And Products

What are your fav hair products?
I love all things that are Cantu products.
Where do you get these products?
I usually purchase them at the nearest beauty supply.

What is your hair routine like (Wash Day, daily, etc).?
I follow the routine of :Wash, Rinse, and Repeat. Sometimes I would do that wash routine three times to make sure that my hair is really clean. Then I do a protein treatment with Aphogee 2 Min for added strength. After that I use my leave-in and air dry my hair. Sometimes, I would use a T-shirt to plop my hair.

Once my hair is damp, I add my styling cream and oil (Christina's Hair Crack) to moisturize and seal my hair. However, if I'm not planning on styling then, I would two strand twist my hair while damp and air dry.
Are you improving your hair routine or do you have it down?
I do feel like I have my regimen down. Sometimes I use substitute products, just to see what else works for my hair. But for the most part, my products and regimen stay the same.
Do you make any DIY products for your hair?

How do you handle your edges?
I usually massage my hairline with JBCO. But my favorite oil to use is argan oil. Especially while I'm styling my hair.
Do you trim your hair?

All About My Styling

What are your favorite natural hair styles?
I love doing twist outs and blow outs. They are my two main styles.

What styles would you like to try?
More up do protective styles. Like a bun. I would like to try flat twist styles too.

Do you have any faux/extension styles you like?
I really like anything with braids and twists.

What are some things you see other naturalistas doing that you just cannot seem to do?
You know what? I can't use too much water on my hair. My hair dries out and naps up (in a terrible way). Too much water is not my friend. I need to add lots of oil so my hair won't be stupid and shrivel up.

I also love to keep my edges nice and crisp. I do use gel, but it won't stay in for the entire day. They keep poofing up into a TWA!
How do you describe your hair styles?

How does this reflect your personality?
My identity is bohemian. I love the "rasta" look.
Do you wear long term styles?
Yes, usually with weave. I would keep these for two months at least. They are easy for me to moisturize and style them.
Do you visit the salon often or are you a DIY girl?
I don't go to the salon. Last time I went to the salon was 2 years ago to get a glue in weave (which I don't recommend!) for graduation. My sister, Christina, would do my hair or my mother would braid it.

Do you use heat on your hair?
Every now and then. I like to straighten my bang when I have an Afro. I also use heat to straighten my hair to wear styles like a flip or curls.
Do you color your hair?
Give me 3 hair confessions.
  1. When I straighten my hair, I forget to use protectant,
  2. I do forget to wrap hair sometimes at night, and
  3. I would straighten a section of my hair over and over one two many times. The heat would be way too high and of course I see smoke and smell my hair burning.

All About My Memories And Experiences

What has been the most memorable part of your hair journey?
Oh! When I was transitioning...that would surely be the most memorable part. My hair was half natural and half perm...and it was definitely an ugly stage for me. I didn't know what to do with it, so I would wear lots of ponytails and head bands. Then it would break off, especially the back of my hair.

Was that the biggest mistake of your hair journey or are there other hair regrets?
I absolutely regret getting a perm. It was nice to try out, but it killed my hair. My hair was pretty long in middle school. And of course, there was peer pressure and I felt ugly without one. Everyone had perms, so I wanted one. I also didn't know what styles to do with my natural hair. I mean my parents (yes my dad too) would do my hair, but the styles were not for a girl in middle school. Man! If I didn't get a perm...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated about your hair?
Yes, very much so. My hair tend to take lots of products and extra effort. I mean, the average person would be like "you have to do this?" Well yes! It takes a while.

Do you have any fav natural hair websites, blogs, YouTube videos, or books?
I love Desire My Natural. I like to read about Christina's hair journey and other stories. I also like to watch different YouTube tutorials for hair styles. Just random ones.  
What are other's reactions to your hair? Like family and friends.
"Your hair is so poofy!" and "Omg! How you get hair like that?!" But old people can be pretty disrespectful to natural hair in general. "I don't like that..." and "Why do you wear your hair like that?" Really??

Do you mind when strangers touch your hair?
No shame in my game! If curious, then go ahead. I love their reactions. "Oh! it's like a cotton ball" Even when my hair is in braids, I don't mind strangers copping a feel. I don't mind answering questions about my hair either.

All About My Goals and Inspirations

What are your goals for your natural hair?
I really need to have a permanent regimen with my products for healthy hair. I don't want to be a product junkie. I want my hair to grow and enhance thickness too.

Who are your hair inspirations?
My sister, Christina J Pollard and I love looking at pictures of people with short hair (especially TWAs). I know that if they can pull off a cute style, then I know I can too.

What does it mean to be natural?
This basically means that you don't chemically change your hair. Now I will say that there is a natural hair movement going on now. About 5 years ago, natural hair was definitely not a thing. All you would see were weaves and wigs, especially with black celebs. But now? Natural hair is a thing. I don't know who started it, but I like it! 

We both been on a crazy hair journey...but we've been through
it together!

Anything else to add about your natural hair journey?
You may get frustrated with your natural hair, which could be a lot. But NEVER cave into a relaxer. Just keep going. Remember your goals.

Thank you LeAnne for doing this natural hair interview for my site! I'm sure you will inspire others with your hair journey. You surely have inspired me!

Natural hair says: natural hair interviews are a way to get others to tell their hair story in hopes of inspiring others to continue on their own. Find hair interviews and hair stories to read and indulge in. Take notes as well. You may find something inspiring you to continue on your own hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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