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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weave Tips | What To Do Before Your Full Sew-In

What To Do Before Your Full Sew-In

Protective Styling?

Protective styling is literally that...you are putting your hair in a style that will protect the ends of your hair. The ends of your hair are the most fragile and oldest parts of your hair. Protectively styling will help retain your length and are useful to continue along your hair journey. 

Why A Sew-In Weave?

I decided to get a sew-in weave because I need a break from my natural hair. I looked at so many styles and found the perfect one! Sew-in weaves are great protective and low manipulation styles. You can literally wake up, fluff, and go without having to stress your own natural hair in the mornings. You will definitely use the minimal products to care for your hair underneath (cleanse, moisturize, and seal), which will cause you not to mess up your style and keep your own natural hair well-cared for.  

For me, this is a means of protecting and continuing on my healthy hair journey!

Prepping For A Sew-In Weave

The perfect regimen to prepare for a long-term style is: Pre-Poo, Cleanse, Protein Treatment, Deep Condition, Leave-In/Moisturizer, Sealant, And Air Dry. It is important to have healthy hair before putting in a long-term style to continue on your healthy hair journey. I do not allow ANY stylist to prep my hair! They are too rough and don't have any patience...so I do my own and go in for styling only. Here are the products I used to prep my natural hair for a sew-in:

Coconut oil - I use this for detangling and adding lots of moisture in my hair. I do pre poo overnight with a plastic cap and satin scarf for the added benefits of coconut oil.

CURLS Creamy Cleanser - Making sure that they hair is thoroughly cleansed before do a long-term protective style is so important! Getting all of the product buildup out and staring on fresh hair makes the style last longer and worth while.

Curlific! Texture Treatment - As your hair is in the protective style, it will help you to retain length. However, your hair can weaken overtime while in the style. So doing a protein treatment to keep your natural hair strong and protected should be considered when prepping your hair for a long-term style.

Deep Condition
Shea Moisture Yucca And Plantain Treatment - I absolutely love deep conditioning my hair! The benefits for regular deep conditioning will keep your hair healthy and allow you to continue on your healthy hair journey. This is definitely a must before putting in a long-term style.


What To Do Before Your Full Sew-In
Shea Moisture Smoothie - I usually go for my light leave-in, but for a sew-in my hair needs to be protected heavily (since I have fine hair). So I'm going for the heavier leave-in to keep my curls protected and moisturized while in the sew-in.

Coconut Oil And JBCO - With the icing on a fantastic regimen, I'm adding a small dallop of the two oils to the ends of my hair and my hairline. While my hair is in the style, it fully protected - especially with the braiding foundation that could cause traction alopecia for being too tight. But not me!!

Air Dry
African Threading Method (ATM) - It is very important to have stretched hair for a sew-in...that's just common sense. You want the style to lay flat against your head and to not be so bulky. I do not use heat on my hair and the ATM is the best to air dry my hair stretched while keeping my hair moisturized.

And there you have it!

A simple, yet effective way to prep your natural hair for a sew-in or a long-term style.

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Natural hair says: it is important to have healthy hair before putting in a long-term style to continue on your healthy hair journey. Be sure to prep your hair according to the long-term style you want.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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