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Monday, July 20, 2015

Weave Tutorial | Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon

How I look before I get my hair done

Time to get HER put in! I don't have a name for my weave yet, but by the end of this article I will!

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon

Ready to make this happen!!

I'm so excited to get a sew-in! 1). To give myself a break, 2). To have a protective style, and 3). To use this style as a tool to continue on my healthy hair journey. I've actually planned this style for two months to make sure I get the right hair, the right style, and the right regimen. I'm very specific on what I like and how I like it. So, I called my stylist to hook me up for a Bob-cut for the Summer and she was delighted to do so!

Purchasing My Weave

When I tell you it took a whole two months to plan this style, it surely did! I spent the most time figuring out what hair I wanted. From my previous experiences with sew-ins, I knew I couldn't just get any kind of hair and I'm not gonna spend my entire check on weave either. So I checked reviews to blogs to vlogs and back to my own reviews on all kinds of weave.

Per my hair diary, I decided to purchase a favorite I apparently have: Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky from the local BSS. I picked up 2 packs, 10in and 12in both in the number 4. And I purchased this hair from BEHIND the counter for about $120. Note: if you can purchase online, do so...usually you can find the same brand and everything for cheaper online.

Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky 
I also looked at closure pieces because of course you want your weave to look natural. So I did my research on lace closures, silk closures, and invisible part. All looked like too much work and maintenance to care for. So I decided to get the circle closure (I call it a plug) for about $9, from the local BSS.

Milky Way Weave Crown

Getting My Sew-In Weave By A Professional

I've already prep my own hair for my sew-in and now it's time to GET HER DONE!

Braiding Foundation
Using a weaving net to protect my natural hair

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon
Make sure the wefts/tracks cannot be seen and are sewn in correctly. Showing your tracks is not cute and you won't look cute with it.

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon
Try not to put too much tension around your hairline, especially when doing the braiding foundation. Don't let your stylist braid so tight that you have migraines and rough nights for 2 weeks. Seriously, tight braiding foundations and sewn in can cause traction alopecia (damage to the hairline from excessive pulling) and lots of tension to your sensitive areas.  If you are getting a full sew-in with no leave out, ask your stylist to leave the short strands around your hairline out.

If the braids are too large, your sew-in will look bulky and bumpy. Make sure the braiding foundation has smaller braids to be as smooth as possible.

Definitely use a weaving net to cover your cornrows before you begin to sew on the tracks. You don't want to add unnecessary damage and tension to your hair. 

Don’t neglect your real hair when wearing a sew-in. Sew-ins are a tool meant to be a protective style, not a "set and forget" style. Still care for your natural hair with watered-down or minimal products. Don't let your scalp go itchy the entire time you are wearing your weave because you don't want to mess up your Brazilian loose wave!

As a protective tool, all great styles must come to an end. It is recommended that you don't keep your style NO MORE than 3 months, because your hair is shedding and will mat up if you do. Plus, your hair will need a good cleansing from the product buildup. Then give your hair a fresh twist out or a roller set to air the scalp out and to have fun with your hair for at least 1-2 weeks. Then, go back to another install if you please!

Full Sew-In Weave At The Salon

Cut into a long bob! I'm loving
my new look!!!
FINALLY!!! If you can't afford quality hair, then don't even do it to yourself. I've done it...been there and was embarrassed. Cheaper is not always the best. Only if you are practicing for your own sew-in then get cheap hair. But for a long-term wear, you will just have a bird's nest on top of your head in a week. Don't do it to yourself!!! Get your budget together, do some product reviews, then purchase what would be the best for you.

And there you have it!

A full sew-in (no leave out) to rock for the next few weeks is my main piece for now!!!

By the way, HER name is Veronica! I definitely feel like a Veronica - chic yet sophisticated.

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Natural hair says: wearing a weave has so many advantages from being a great protective style to being easy to maintain. They can help you grow your own hair as well as help you continue on your healthy hair journey. Have fun and be stress free with your weave!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Tiffany7/21/2015

    Thanks for sharing your regimen and your style is very pretty #BLMGirl

  2. This is a great sew-in!!!! I love the longer bob look and knowing what I know now, I would definitely get it again and maintain it a little better than I did the first time!
    The stylist did a great job on this AND you'll be able to protect your hair for a good number of weeks!!


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