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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wash Day | Full Washing Regimen For Fine, Natural Hair

Join Now! The Wash Day Experience 
I actually look forward to my Wash Day!

Washing your hair does not have to be a daunting task, even for those who think it SHOULD take 3-4 hours on wash day. I surely do not believe that one bit. At most my actual wash day is pretty short:

1). Pre Poo Treatment - 30 minutes to overnight
2). Cleanse/Co Wash - 5 minutes
3). Protein Treatment - 10 minutes
4). Deep Conditioning - 30 minutes
5). Oil Rinse - 5 minutes
6). Air Dry Until Damp Hair - 30 minutes

Pre Poo Treatment

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth And Softness 
Pre poo basically means pre-shampoo, which this treatment helps to detangle and condition your hair before thoroughly washing your hair. This will also reduce breakage and restore moisture in your hair. 
I would separate my hair is 4-6 sections, then apply coconut oil to each section (concentrating on the ends especially). Coconut oil melts the tangles away and moisturizes my dry hair. Sometimes I even do hot oil treatments to restore the moisture back into my hair with added heat (hooded dryer).

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Then I would two-strand twist the sections and cover with a plastic cap, for at least 30 minutes to overnight. My hair is pretty much moisturized, soft, and detangled by the time I begin to wash my hair.

Cleanse/Co Wash

It is always great to start with a clean scalp and clean hair for styling your hair. Whether you use a clarifying shampoo, a sulfate-free shampoo, a co wash, or a natural cleanser (i.e. Apple Cider Vinegar), that would depend on your own preference.

I tend to use all four depending on how I'm feeling about my hair, but the regimen is the same. This will allow me to focus on cleansing my scalp and hair...I DO WASH MY HAIR IN 4-6 TWISTS!
Washing Fine, Natural Hair In Twists
In the morning, I rinsed my hair of the coconut oil with water and massaged my scalp to loosen any product buildup. I would add my cleanser to my scalp and massaged for about 5 minutes before adding any product to my hair. Then I would run the product down the length of my hair. Afterwards, I rinse my hair and scalp with warm water to rinse the product out.

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Protein Treatment

ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment
Protein treatments are used to strengthen the hair shaft and to reduce the damage to the hair, which are very important for fine hair health. If you have fine hair (which is prone to breakage), you should use a protein treatment every week to every two weeks to build more protein around your fragile hair shaft.

You can apply your protein treatment as pre-poo or after washing/before deep conditioning. I choose to do this after cleansing and before deep conditioning.

I would use henna with green tea every 6 months and ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment weekly. Both of these treatments have upgraded my hair in the most incredible ways! Now my hair is not brittle, not breaking, and very strong.

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Deep Condition

Hair Tips | Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Is A Must 
It is very important to deep condition regularly to keep your hair moisturized and protected, especially if you wear your hair out. It is suggested that deep conditioning should be done EVERY wash day. To make your deep conditioner most effective 1). focus the treatment on your ends, 2). cover with a plastic cap and use heat to open your hair cuticles, and 3). rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticles.

I deep condition after using my protein treatment to soften my hair and to moisturize my hair strands. Deep conditioning is definitely my favorite step that I look forward to during my wash regimen.

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Oil Rinse

This is an optional step and one that I don't always do. I only oil rinse if I feels my ends need a little extra love and moisture. Oil rinse is great for easier detangling, less SSKs (Single Strand Knots (Fairy Knots), eliminates frizz, and leaves hair softer and shinier.

After you have deep conditioned your hair, you will apply a moisturizing oil (coconut, olive, avocado, etc.) to your hair and paying close attention to your ends. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse with cool water. No need to rinse all the oil out...just enough.

Sometimes, I would add the oils before my deep conditioner then hit under the dryer for 30 minutes, with a plastic cap. It really depends what your hair needs at that moment.

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Bantu Knots

I used to dry my hair with a t-shirt...but I find that my hair coils back up and then I would have to detangle my hair back out. And that's so unnecessary.

Instead of doing that, I bantu knot each section of my hair after my wash day. This will allow my hair to air dry while stretched and detangled. NO MORE DENMAN FOR ME! Then I would be ready to style my hair. Sometimes I would stretch my hair doing the African Threading Method or Bands N Twists - heatless methods -, if I want to do a stretched style (bun, twist out, flat twists).
My 4th Year Nappyversary | 1 Year Since Big Chop #2 And Retaining Length
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Natural hair says: create a regimen that is simple to do and one where you don't have to look at your notes to do so. Listen to your hair and she will tell you want products and regimen to follow. Don't make hair care tough on yourself.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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