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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weave Tips | The Journey Of My Full Sew-In Weave

So I have had this style for about a month and I thought I come to reflect on my journey for a bit. I want to talk about the style and the hair just to give your some helpful information and answer any questions you may have about Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky.

Let's talk about them!

What do you like about your sew-in?
I like the style of my weave. I've always wanted a long bob and I thought this would be the perfect time to do this in the summer. I absolutely love how the style looks on me!

Have you been happy with your hair?

I have! It's given me the break I needed to rest my natural hair, but to also have fun with my weave. Sometimes I would feel overwhelmed with having straight hair and few possibilities for styling, but I've been happy with trying straight hair.

Is it tough to care for your natural hair underneath?
Not at all. As long as you lift each track to expose your own hair, it won't be tough for you. It is best to get a net sewn before your hair to protect your braids, which will help when caring for your hair. You can wash and moisturize your braids without ruining them because of the net.

How do you deal with your edges slipping out from the net?
Not only do they slip out, but I gently pull them out if I feel tension there. I continue to moisturize and massage my edges to stimulate growth and health. I don't worry about them too much.

When did you first think, "I miss my curls!"
Around 2 weeks in I was missing my hair. I don't get weaves too often, so I would think that I would be excited. But nope! I just looked at pictures of my natural hair and sulk...well, not really but my husband got an earful of me missing my hair.

I always told myself that I was going to take out this hair, because I missed my curls so much. So I would always try to find a reason to do so. One week it was because I was too hot with it. The next week it was the hair would get in the way of playing with my baby. Or I would just sleep without a satin covering because I just didn't care about the hair anymore...but I just kept going with this protective style.

Do your friends and family like your new style?
Oh yes they surely did! I got compliments from family, friends, co workers, and strangers. I really liked the feeling...however, it kind of made me feel bad sometimes. Like, "Do like the fake hair, but you don't like my natural hair?" Maybe I'm being sensitive about my natural hair, but I did this for me...not them. But my husband surely missed my natural hair! Awe I just love him!!!

Is there anything you would change about your sew-in?
I should have gotten a darker color. I feel like the darker color would bring out my caramel skin tone and my brown eyes in the summer sun. I like the auburn-brown color, but the darker color would have been better.

Is there anything you regret about this style?
I regret getting the Aaliyah bang in the first place. It was tough to play with my baby without the bang getting in the way or I could hardly do my work/write without having to pin the bang up. I could have enjoyed my style more if I got Chinese bangs. The long bang was too much maintenance for me.

Is a sew-in good for the summer seasons?
Personally, I don't think so. You sweat more in the summer and with a weave, absolutely much more sweat. The maintenance can be a lot depending on the kind of hair you purchased. Straight hair definitely takes more maintenance than curly, coily, and kinky hair. I do regret getting this straight hair, instead of a curly, coily, or kinky weave. Caring for a straight weave in the summer is way above my patience capacity.

What was the easiest and hardest thing about your hair and your style?
The easiest thing was  to wrap my hair up for the night and take my hair down in the morning. My hair would cooperate when putting up and taking down.

The hardest thing was to keep the hair in place. Since this is straight hair, any hair out of place (frizz, uncombed, etc). would make me look like that I just woke up for the day or that I did not care about my hair. There would be times I would want to rock loose curls or a twist out, but I already foresaw that it wouldn't come out right because I go straight hair. Sometimes it was tough to keep my hair and style together.

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Do you have any thoughts like mine when you have long-term protective style?

    Natural hair says: long-term styles are pretty fun to have, which give you a break from doing your own hair. But it does take work to keep your style kept, sometimes even more than with your natural hair. Give yourself time to care for and style your braids and twists. Patience is still the key.

    Always Desire Your Natural,

    Christina J

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