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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weave Tips | Questions, Answers, Pros, and Cons Of Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi

This style allows me to get up in the morning, "fluff," style if I want, and to moisturize/seal with a quickness. My hair is put away and that's the way I love with my protective styling.

Here are the answers to your questions, pros, and cons of my journey with  Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky

"Why did you get a weave?"
I decided to get a sew-in weave because I need a break from my natural hair. I also wanted to wear a protective style that I can still have fun with. So I got a lighter color and decided to play with straight hair because I surely don't use heat on my natural hair.

"Where did you purchase this hair and for how much?"
I purchased this weave at the local BSS, which was purchased BEHIND the counter for about $120 for the two packs (10inch and 12inch in number 4). I wanted to wear this for at least 6 weeks and quality hair is the way to go.

"How did you get this certain look?"
I went to my stylist to do my sew-in and she also did the long-bob cut that I wanted. A few weeks in, I cut a Chinese bang.

"How do you upkeep your style? What tips to do have to care for it?
I cleanse my weave and my natural hair weekly, sometimes twice a week for the weave if too oily.

"Do you wash your hair? How do you cleanse your scalp?"
Before I cleanse my weave, I cleanse my natural hair and moisturize as well. I use 1:3 Apple Cider Vinegar to water and run the mixture, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse with warm water. I add my moisturizer and oil mix to my scalp and massage in, then proceed to clean my weave.

I suggest this regimen because just in case the oil fell on the weave you are going to cleanse it anyways and you don't have to worry about "accidentally" putting oil on weave while oiling your scalp.
"What is the best night routine?"
I wrapped my hair EVERY night! Whether I was doing a wrap for the next morning or preparing to do my wash day, I wrapped every night. This is to keep the hair in order and out of my face while sleeping and to care for the weave just like I do my hair.

Sometimes I use a satin scarf and a satin bonnet because the hair is so smooth and silky. The satin scarf would sometimes fall off. So I use a satin bonnet to secure my hair.

"How does the behave? Is there anything for me to worry about?"
Honestly, this hair is pretty awesome. I feel like the price of the hair, the style, and the maintenance of the style are fair. Other than that, the hair does shed...which can create a few cons with this hair.

However, as long as you care for the weave gently and with lots of love, you will have a great sew-in experience.

Pros of  Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky 

Very convenient for on-the-go
In the morning, I just shake and go. Sometimes I would finger comb...but that's it. Nothing too major.

Easy to care for and low maintenance 
This hair and style is so easy to care for. Since I have a cut, the style is low maintenance and the hair cooperates with the bounce and body.

Put hair away for long-term
This hair allows me to put my hair away for a long time. Some weaves last for a few weeks. But I got a good run out of it...and took my hair out because it was time and I missed my curls. I could use this weave again!

Easy to find the hair online or at local beauty supply 
It's right BEHIND the counter!

No tangles!
The package said no tangles and it claims no shedding. And I will agree slightly. Of course, there is shedding...Now there are hardly any tangles that I find. When my weave gets oily and greasy, there are a few more tangles. When I wash my weave and style after drying, then it's back to no tangles.

Cons of Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky 

Although, the hair was tangle-free it sheds sooooooo much! It's not when you are walking around doing your day to day activities. However, once you look in the mirror and comb your hair, then you have a comb full of loose strands. It got to a point that whenever I was going to comb my hair, I had a paper towel to catch any strands that fell out or was pulled out. I would put them on the paper towel, then throw it away when done.

Full sew-in: The sweat factor
I have no issue with a full sew-in weave, which I think it's a great protective style to try for a few weeks. But a full sew-in in the summer is insane!! I don't see how women can do these during the summer in the blazing heat, but I literally had heat flashes during my time with my style. Most times I wanted to take my hair out to let my scalp breathe. It's like wearing a beanie in 104 degree weather!

The closure piece and possible "showing" tracks

Of course you want your weave to look natural. So I decided to get a weave crown closure (I call it a plug) for about $9, from the local BSS. I did my research on lace closures, silk closures, and invisible part. All looked like too much work and maintenance to care for. However, the crown closure was a bit of work too. It was more maintenance than for the actual weave. Sometimes, I would have to check in the mirror or take pictures with my phone of my crown to make sure my track in the closure piece was not showing. It was really a hassle! I would try a lace or silk closure piece next time...

Be careful with your oils
Moisturizing and sealing my hair was the best part of not dealing with my natural hair. However, the products would sometimes seep on my weave and make it oily. It's like the weave is sensitive to light oils (even when I didn't use a lot). But I would wash my weave anyways to make it look fresh again.

The Future of Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky 

"How does this compare with your weaves before?"
The is surely the best weave I have used so far.

"Will you use this hair again?".
I would definitely use this hair again. But only as a wig...I wouldn't use this hair as a sew-in.

"When are you taking out this style?"
I'm about done with this hair and I miss my curls. Very soon this weave journey will end for me.

Although the hair and my patience did not last me longer than I wanted to keep the weave in, this absolutely great hair for a fair price. Maybe sealing the wefts before installing may help with the shedding. But as for me, I'm done with this hair forever. Straight hair is just not for me. But!! 


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Natural hair says: long-term styles are pretty fun to have, which give you a break from doing your own hair. But it does take work to keep your style kept, sometimes even more than with your natural hair. Give yourself time to care for and style your braids and twists. Patience is still the key.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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