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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weave Tips | How To Remove Your Sew-in

Look at this beautiful hair!

Just lovely! I'm so glad I got this hair!!

Two hours later...yep time to take it out...I can't deal with this hair anymore!

Usually when I take out a long-term protective style, I pamper my hair for two days. First day is taking out my style and pre-poo for overnight. The second day is to do the whole the wash day sha-bang. Here is the regimen I follow:

Taking Out The Weave
Glare at your style with that "cray cray" look in your eyes and grab your scissors. Now you are ready to begin!

If you aren't planning to keep your hair, cut your hair about an inch from the weft. Then begin to cut the sewing thread. Be careful to cut the thread from the wefts. Remove each weft as it becomes easier to take out. If needed, ask another to help you out. My husband was willing to help me out!

Once all the wefts are out, cut the net and the thread out of your hair. Pull the small pieces of thread, weave, and net out of your hair as well.

Take some oil to lubricate your braiding foundation. Your hair will be vulnerable and delicate, so this  gives your hair lots of slip to get the braids out and to detangle the shed hair out as well.

Gently take out your braiding foundation and add more oil as you need to make this process easier.

Once your braids are out, section your hair in 4-6 sections. Begin to detangle each section at a time and oil when you need to. Bantu knot each section when done.

Once your hair is in 4-6 bantu knots, place a plastic cap on your head and do your pre-pooing. The benefits of pre-pooing are:

  1. soften and naturally detangle hair
  2. great moisture retention when washing
  3. protects hair from harsh shampoo process (clarifying)
  4. conditions hair (especially with the use of heat)
  5. hair will have a nice sheen
Add a beanie and shower cap or use your hooded dryer for add heat. Keep this on your hair from 30 minutes to overnight. Proceed with your Wash Day.

Check out the entire process of a full sew-in

Check out more helpful articles about weave maintenance:

Natural hair says: after you have a long-term style, makes sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build up, use a protein treatment to strengthen your strands, and deep condition your hair to return the moisture to your strands. Remember to have patience with your hair during this process. Your hair will surely thank you for the TLC!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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