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Friday, September 4, 2015

Contributing Article | 4 Reasons To Have Hairspirations

Contributing Article | 4 Reasons To Have Hairspirations

What exactly are hairspirations? 

They are hair inspirations of your favorite women and men to follow because of their hair tips, hair styles, and of course their hair. You may call them your hair idols or hair gurus, but if you follow them or get updates on blogs they have posted then they definitely have something to offer to you and your own hair journey.

Whether you’re searching for advice on transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair, tips on keeping your hair moisturized and sealed, how to retain length, or simply how to define those stubborn curls of yours, there are many reasons why everyone should have hairspirations:

Check out 4 Reasons To Have Hairspirations on Black Hair Information for reasons why you should definitely have hairspirations.

My hairspirations are:

Naptural 85: great for learning simple and more intricate hair styles, DIY recipes, and learn how to care for your own hair

the Quann Twinsget great tips to care for my fine hair

Bwatuwant: love her personality and her gorgeous hair. We don't have the same hair texture or regimen, but I love looking at her hair!

Millicent Swifther styling options are awesome and her tutorials break intricate styles down to easily understand them

Who are your hairspirations?

Natural hair says: Having hairspirations are not about longing for another head of hair or being envious about her hair. This is about getting inspired to continue on your healthy hair journey and to love your hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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