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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Hair Diary | Would You Rather Have Length Or Volume?

“I love #lengthchecks but I’m obsessed with #volume #naturalhair #progress #healthyhair #naturalvolume #igbocurls”
Image Credit: IgboCurls


That's exactly where I want to be at by my ultimate goal (huge volume and waist length) December 2018! I saw the article Could ‘Volume Checks’ Be the New ‘Length Checks’? and wondered if that could really be the new thing in the natural hair community.

When I do length checks, I don't really pay attention to the volume of my hair, but find myself stretching my hair along a tape measure or a spot relative on my body.

Image Credit: Unique By Medea 
Then I thought about it...why am I do length checks, when I really want huge volume as my ultimate goal? Sure I want waist length hair, but I'm not planning on straightening my hair an time soon, so what's the point of length checks?

Image Credit: Fashion With A Conscience 
I'm curious to see how my length/volume checks in the future will pan out. Will I be taking pictures like the one above or will I continue to stretch my hair relative to my body?

Would you rather have length or volume?

Natural hair says: even though length and hair growth could be important to you, curls grow up and out not down. No need to stretch your hair every 3 months to see how long your hair has grow. Check out the volume!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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