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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Natural Hair Inspiration | Alicia James: The Perfect Sock Bun

Image Credit: Easy Natural Hair

I have been doing cute buns for the past few weeks. I must say, "I love the easy style."

So I'm going to do another one this week! The bun was so classy and easy for me to keep up with. Usually when I take my bun out, I hair is still moisturized and feels so healthy. So let's do another one!

For this week, I decided to do a low bun and one of my hairspirations did with her style: The Perfect Sock Bun.


This style was inspired by Alicia James. Her YouTube channel is Alica JamesThe Perfect Sock Bun. is a sophisticated style great for work, play, and special occasions. The plus is that it is so simple to do!For this week, this protective style will definitely be easy to care for.


Regimen And Products

I did my wash regimen and African Threading (for heatless method for stretching my hair). I used the Smoothie, coconut oil, and Eco Styler to create this flawless look. I decided to add flat twists, since the humidity is still high and I didn't want any frizz.

Check out  The Perfect Low Bun to try the style for yourself!

Nature is too beautiful to not take part in it...
even if you aren't a nature girl.


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Natural Hair Inspiration 12 | The Ponyhawk - The Chic Natural
Natural Hair Inspiration 13 | BIG HAIR DON’T CARE! Deconstructed Flexi Rod Set On Short, Natural Hair

Stay tuned for more styles!

Natural hair says: if you are in need of some styling inspiration, check out natural hair styles on YouTube to do something new with your hair!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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