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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Hair Diary | The No-Heat Challenge

When you are wearing a long term protective style, you think about your hair journey and how to better your hair care regimen. I read over my hair diary for this year (2015) and realized that heat has been a huge pain in my journey no matter how or when I use it. So you know what????


Image Credit: Beauty And Fashion Tech  
I just won't do it! Nope. I'm done with direct heat! Flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers just suck. They burn and fry my hair no matter how much protection I would give my hair. So I'm not using them any more!

Line of demarcation: heat damage and healthy hair
Now that I'm 3 years a naturalista, I really have to take the health of my hair into special intensive care. See that picture above? Yep! I just discovered that my hair is heat damaged. You know what? I planning on cutting about 2-3 inches off my bang and 5 inches off the rest of my hair. I'll pretty much be at a TWA, which is just fine with me.

To me and for my hair, transitioning is stupid. I would have to relearn everything to care for damaged hair and figure out what to do with my hair. Been there and done that...so I basically chopped my hair off. So what's next?


That's right. I'm not doing anything that deals with direct heat. If I do it, I fry my hair. If the salon does it, my hair doesn't revert. Plus, I don't even like flat ironed hair on me. It's just too...flat. If I really wanted straight hair, I would just get a wig or a sew-in (which I didn't even like anyways).

So there you have it! Point-blank-period. Other than a hooded dryer for deep condition, no more heat...NEVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN!

Natural hair says: if you feel something is not right about your hair, do lots of tests (moisture/protein, porosity, density, check product labels, etc.) to track down the issue. Trust your gut and do lots of research to better understand your hair.

Always Desire My Natural,

Christina J

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