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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doing Her Hair Series! | Bob Box Braids With X-Pression Braiding Hair

Image Credit: My Black Hair.NL 
I saw this style and new that bob box braids would be perfect for my sister. She loves styles that are easy to care for, as long as she looks cute!
So let's get this started!

Hair, Color, And Packs

From the local beauty supply store, we decided to get:
Brand: X-Pression
Type: Braiding Hair
Color: 4 and 27
Price: $4.99/pack (purchased 1 pack of 4 and 1 pack of 27)

Prepping The Hair

It is very important to prep your hair for long-term styling effectively and the correct way. Once complete, I sectioned LeAnne's hair in 4 sections for easier braiding. I used coconut oil, Shea Moisture JBCO Lotion, and JBCO during the braiding process.

Box Braids Process

I cut the two packs of hair in fours (cut in half, then cut the halves in half) to have more hair for each packs and to help create the bob look. I began in the back with color 4, then added color 27 throughout LeAnne's braids towards the front. For her bang, I only used color 27.
Bob Box Braids With X-Pression Braiding Hair

I did burn the ends to seal them and to help curl the braids.

Bob Box Braids With X-Pression Braiding Hair

And there you have it!

This style took 6 hours to do, which was not too bad. I enjoyed the process of braiding LeAnne's hair...and now I want my hair in bob box braids!

If you do this style, check out Klassy Kinks | Styling Box Braids Tutorial to get ideas to style your box braids. Comment below how you like the hair style!

Bob Box Braids With X-Pression Braiding Hair

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