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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Holiday Hair | Halloween Costumes of Iconic Naturalistas

If I had my pick of costumes for this year, I would pick iconic people. Here are most picks of my favorites to wear as a costume:

Ola Ray (Thriller)

It's time to get that Soul Glow out (if you don't know what Soul Glow is, you are way to young!!). You can also try a twist out, with lots of separation. Don't forget to pick up these iconic clothes. This makes me feel like walking down the street with a bit of a bop in my walk!
Image result for michonne


I absolutely love Michonne! Just look how much of a bad mama she really is. If you are interested in this look for a costume, check out Naptural 85's tutorial | Jawless Zombie Pet Michonne + DIY Michonne Cloak on how to do the costume. Don't forget the faux locs for this look as well.

Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice

Box braids have been one of the most classic styles ever, which is why you should consider this look for your costume. If you have not seen Poetic Justice, then you have been living a lie your entire life! Better yet, if you are thinking about this look for your costume, watch the movie as you are doing your box braids. That is why box braids are called Poetic Justice Braids...yea, you too young...

Grace Jones

If you are thinking more of an androgyny look, you should definitely go with Grace Jones. Check out some of her movies and model shots to get in tune with the grace and poise of Grace Jones. You get extra points for speaking like Grace Jones as well..."Strangé!"

What are you gonna be for Halloween? Comment Below

Check out How To | Halloween Costumes for Natural Hair Girls for more creativity and costumes for Naturalistas! 

Natural hair says: wear your natural hair with pride if you are planning on dressing up for Halloween. Make sure you wear a costume and not a culture. Be considerate and mindful of others when thinking about what to wear. Be safe and have fun!

Always Desire Your Natural and Happy Halloween!

Christina J

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