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Friday, October 9, 2015

My 3rd Year NappyVersary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage

My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
Look at my damaged hair! I'm about to cut 4-5 inches of hair!!!

Soooo this is my 3rd year of being a naturalista! Yay me!!! I'm so excited and very proud of myself during this year to learn, grow, and understand my hair.

After reflecting on the journey of my relaxed hair to my natural hair of 3 years, I thought about something...I never knew what to do with my hair during those years. Even this past year, I was still not sure what to do with my hair and what products to use. I would experiment to find the best products for me, but something was still not clicking. 

I was just coming off of relaxing my edges for a partial weave in 2014, which grew back out. So I wanted something different and decided to get my hair flat ironed in November 2014...my hair never reverted.

What's crazy on my part is that I really thought my heat damage was my curl pattern. I thought I had that fine and wavy/coily hair, so I continued to care for my hair. From 3-10 months I found that my twist outs were looking thin, my hair was shedding like crazy, my ends kept splitting, and even my protective styles didn't look right.

My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
Line of demarcation: heat damage and healthy hair
Eventually, I tested to see if my hair was damaged by doing YoursNaturally11 "Are Your Curls Damaged?" test...lo and behold! My hair was damaged and more so, the damage dated back to when I got my hair flat ironed (I had 5.5 inches of 'new growth').

What's even crazier is I cut a few pieces of the heat damage from my bang and decided to do a porosity test (cup of water). When I did the porosity test, the heat damaged hair sank to the bottom of the cup in less than a millisecond, as my heart sank. Even though I was doing healthy hair practices and techniques, I was doing them on damaged hair...

My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
The 2-3 inches are from my bangs. I cut about 5 inches in
the back of my hair.
I thought I would transition...but that's stupid. I'm going to do a mini chop and just get rid of those suckers. I honestly didn't care of losing length. I rather have healthy hair than length any day. Plus, doing things on damaged hair will not help me learn and understand my natural hair.

My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
She did the Mini Chop!!!

I know if I said "I wish I did things differently" or "I wish I would have known about this before" I would have never learned from my mistakes. I rather this happen to me now, than down the road when I do reach my ultimate goal: huge volume and waist length. This is still a hair journey and it's okay for things like this to happen along the way, as long as I learn from them. Going into year 3 with a TWA will be something different with excitement, determination, and real love for my own natural hair named: Unbound.

And There You Have It!

My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
My Mini Chop: October 1, 2015

What have you written in your hair diary lately?

Not too hard, eh? If you need help to start or need more ideas for your hair diary, check out It Works - Keeping a Hair Diary.

Check out The Birth of my Natural for information on the beginning of my hair journey!

Natural hair says...keeping a hair diary can seem like so much work. But when you put the time in to create a hair diary, you can see the progress in your hair journey from your own words. After a few entries, you will be doing yours like clockwork. Try it!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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