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Monday, October 5, 2015

Natural Hair Inspiration | Boss Bang N Twisted Knot

Image Credit: The Chic Natural
After my recent crochet braids, I needed something spicy and fresh. So I saw this style and I just had to do it!

This will help me to stay on track on my healthy hair journey and to keep my goals. So here is my style for the week: Boss Bang 'N Twisted Knot


This style was inspired by The Chic Natural. The Bang 'N Knot has so much spice and sass. Of course, this adds in a bun - which I love so much. So doing this for the week would bring more fun to my style!

Trying The Chic Natural Boss Bunned Style!

Regimen And Products

I did my wash regimen and African Threading (for heatless method for stretching my hair). I used Eco Styler Gel and Yucca Milk to create this flawless look. I decided to bobby pin my twists into a pompadour, instead of doing a twist out. It's a little cold where I'm at...I also used my teeny brush and Gel to shape my "Ginuwine" sideburns. For the night, I wrapped my satin scarf around my head to keep my hair slick and ready to go for the morning.

Check out The Chic Natural | Boss Bang 'N Twisted Knot  to try the style for yourself!


Stay tuned for more styles!

Natural hair says: if you are in need of some styling inspiration, check out natural hair styles on YouTube to do something new with your hair!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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