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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holiday Hair | Halloween Costumes: The Characters Of The Wiz

#TheWiz LIVE! 5 Modern Character Transformations  
 I usually don't dress up for Halloween, but I thought I try doing something different...I was inspired by Naptural 85 and her take on the Wiz characters! I've always wanted to be the Tin (Wo)Man, so I thought "why not?!:

Interesting thing: my sister, LeAnne, had to work Halloween evening, so she decided to throw a fun party right in the hotel lobby! PARTY AT LEANN'E HOTEL!!!! So we all dressed as characters from the Wiz:

Dorothy: Jeanette
The Scarecrow: LeAnne
The Tin (Wo)Man: Christina J
The Cowardly Lion: Aletha

We wanted to portray the characters in cartoonish, yet in a humanistic way. I think we pulled our characters off pretty well!...Hey! There's Toto and Baby Batman in the pic LOL

Oh Dorothy, you're so lost! Please find your way back home...your momma is looking for you to clean your room! LOL

Wow Scarecrow! You are so intelligent and beautiful...but sometimes you can get a bit confused. But that's okay! You have your cornhusks to tell you what to say next.

Hey Tin (Wo) Man! You may get a bit dry sometimes, but your heart is as big as all the oceans combined. You have so much heart, that you tend to cry at the drop of a hat. But remember to loosen up...where's that oil can?
Yasss Cowardly Lion!!! Looking so good that you could have your own show at the Disco Rink! All that growl tho? You are as soft as a baby lion cub LOL...and there's Baby Batman again LOL

We definitely enjoyed our time playing as the characters of the Wiz. It was so much fun and we made sure to thank LeAnne for allowing us to have our party at her hotel...the customers even joined in with us (as long as we continued to give them candy LOL

I'm also excited about #TheWiz Live! that will show on Thursday, December 3rd at 8/7c on @NBC! Be sure to check it out! My sisters and I may even dress up in our costumes again! 

Thank You And Good Night ~ Tin (Wo)Man

For more information, check out: NBC | The Wiz Live!

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Natural hair says: you don't always have to dress up in costume to compromise with your natural hair! Think outside the box and have fun with your costumes.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J 

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