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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Olive Oil For Nourishing Dry Hair

Olive Oil For Nourishing Dry Hair
Natural hair and the cold, winter months surely DO NOT MIX! Try styling your hair in a cute style only to come up with dry curls by the middle of the day. That is surely not a good look.

If you are struggling with dry and crunchy curls, try adding olive oil to your natural hair arsenal. No matter how you use olive oil, your hair will definitely look and feel healthier - even in the dry and cold winter months! 

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is simply the oil that's obtained from the fruit of olive trees. Olive oil is known for lowering your cholesterol, control your insulin levels in your body, and protect your cells from damage - which is very important for heart health.

Let's talk hair for a moment...Olive oil is very high in Vitamin A (healing) and Vitamin E (anti-aging), protects and seals the hair, ultra moisturizing, nourishes the hair shaft, and improves elasticity.

Now that sounds like an oil I want in my hair care regimen!

What are the benefits of using Olive Oil?

Fantastic Conditioner For Dry Hair

Olive oil has always been a natural conditioner that has been used for centuries. I have known my grandmother and mother to use olive oil to condition their hair...just wow! Olive oil has high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids that allows this oil to nourish and strengthen the hair strands. This oil can penetrate the hair shaft and allow the moisture to be retained while conditioning. As natural hair is more prone to dryness - especially in the winter months - olive oil will be perfect to add to your hair care regimen.

Protects And Seals The Hair
Olive oil has emollients, which are 'softening' qualities to help protect and seal your hair after applying moisture. Olive oil will not repair any split ends - which should be cut off anyways  but it can help smooth your hair and help decrease the rate your hair will continue to split. This will also help improve the elasticity of the hair strands.

Contains Anti-Inflammatory And Antioxidant Properties
Olive oil is able to sooth the scalp if irritate, which also promotes scalp health and prevent dandruff. Using olive oil on the scalp will leave the scalp healthy and can reduce damage to the scalp. This is very appealing for those who love to use oil to massage the scalp. A healthy scalp will grow healthy hair.

Controls Frizz
Making your hair soft and shiny is what we tend to long for...well, use olive oil to help you with that goal! With locking in moisture and preventing dryness of the hair, olive oil also controls frizz and helps to lay the cuticle flat. This allows the hair to look soft and shiny!

With this oil being a heavy oil, be sure to not be heavy handed with it. Using a lot of olive oil will cause the hair to weigh down and for your hair to even have that greasy look.

Who wants those benefits!!! I do, I do!

What are ways to use Olive Oil?

Hot Oil Treatment
I have outlined in Hair Tips | Hot Oil Treatments For Natural Hair how to do these treatments for healthy hair. Heating the oil instantly turns it into a deep conditioner (I would not recommend a microwave...be careful).

 Olive Oil For Nourishing Dry Hair
Deep Conditioning Or Enhance Your Deep ConditionerMany naturals love to use coconut oil to deep condition the hair...but what about those who are allergic to coconut oil??? Olive oil is a great substitute and how just as great of benefits as coconut oil. Olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.

You can simply do the 'hot oil treatment' as a deep conditioner or add olive oil to your commercial deep conditioner to enhance it. You can also mix olive oil with one egg yolk to create a protein deep conditioner as well.

Sealing Moisture And Ends
Great to coat and to lubricate the hair, olive oil can be used as well. Olive oil will prevent moisture loss and will increase softness to the hair strands. Don't forget your ends!

Scalp Massage
Olive oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to sooth the scalp and fight against common scalp problems: dandruff, head lice, scalp infections. Dip your fingers in olive oil (don't need to drench) and lightly massage your scalp for 3-5 minutes 4 times a week. Full of antioxidants, olive oil will help keep the skin of your scalp in a better and healthy shape. 

Is it better to use Olive Oil on dry or wet hair?

It surely depends on your preference. During a wet olive oil treatment is when you are deep conditioning your hair. The olive oil will penetrate the strands and will also help lock in the moisture. However, using olive oil on wet hair can cause the tresses to get too slippery and slip right off the hair.

Olive Oil For Nourishing Dry Hair

You can opt for a dry olive oil treatment. This is a hot oil treatment done on dry hair - even great for dry detangling - which can also condition and strengthen your hair strands.

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Natural hair says: if you are looking for a way to bring lifeless and damaged hair back to being healthy, olive oil is a dream come true! Try this oil for 3 months and you will not be disappointed. You will absolutely love it!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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