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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crochet Braids | FreeTress Bohemian With Bang

This is the style that I'm going for!!!
Image Credit: African Diamond Braids

Time for crochet braids again!

I absolutely love the curls above and thought I would try this style. I have already done a similar style with FreeTress Bohemian , but this time I want to do a bang! 

Hair, Color, And Packs

I am absolutely loving the curls above, so I decided to get the:
Brand: FreeTress
Type: Bohemian Braid
Color: #4 and #TT33
Price: $6.99/pack (purchased 3 packs from BSS)

Prepping Natural Hair

I prepared my hair by doing my wash regimen and also heatless stretched my hair with the Bands N Twists method. Once my hair is fully dry, I braided my hair in a beehive. This will allow my hair to look very full and to accomplish a bang as well.

Beehive Braiding Pattern For Crochet Braids With Bang

Crochet Braids Process

I did cut the hair in half, but I did not split the hair. This hair resembles a wash n go style, which I wanted to keep for the defined curl. The crocheting process took 2 hours to do! I honestly was rushing because it was shopping day (Black Friday). I did pack a lot of hair in the back to lift the hair on top. I love the color, which matches my own henna-colored hair and the curl pattern is very beautiful.

I just throw on a satin bonnet at night and "shake and go" in the morning. I'm sure I will keep for 3 or 4 weeks. 

FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids With Bang

FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids With Bang
I've always wanted to do this pose!

And There You Have It!

Natural hair says: Even if you think the curl pattern won't look good on you, try the hair anyways! You never know something unless you try it.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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