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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Contributing Article | 6 Ways To Retain Length On Fine, Natural Hair

Fine Natural Hair Compared To A Piece Of Thread
My natural hair is not the same as your natural hair, quite frankly not all naturalistas have thick, voluminous hair! Some of us have fine, less dense hair that causes us to look for helpful information to keep our hair moisturized, supple, and retaining length.

Fine hair is referred to a skinnier (thinner) thickness or width of the individual hair strand. To determine if you have fine hair just take one of your shed hairs and measure it against a regular sewing thread for thickness.

If your hair strand is wider than the piece of thread, your hair strand is thick. If your hair strand is thinner than the piece of thread, your hair strand is fine.

Check out 6 Ways To Retain Length On Fine, Natural Hair for more information on Black Hair Information.

Also, check out: How Do I Learn My Hair? to learn more about your hair and how to properly care for your hair.

Do you have fine hair? What are some of your hair care secrets?

Natural hair says: fine hair can retain length with healthy hair care practices. Continue to learn and be patience with your hair and length will come.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J 

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