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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Contributing Article | 6 Ways To Use Oil In Your Hair Regimen

Contributing Article | 6 Ways To Use Oil In Your Hair Regimen

When I first starting my healthy hair journey, I heard about all the benefits of using natural oils in your hair for it to be and remain healthy. After a while, my notebook was filled with different oils and recipes and I was completely confused. Supposedly every single oil has it’s own purpose that it can be use in a hair regimen.

So I learned my own hair and purchased my oils based on my hair needs instead of purchasing oils that I had no idea about nor how to use them.

With that said, check out 6 Ways To Use Oil In Your Hair Regimen on Black Hair Information for tips and hacks on your favorite oils.

What are ways you use oil in your regimen?

Natural hair says: you should definitely add oils to your hair care regimen. There are just too many benefits for using oil for your hair!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J 

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