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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Crochet Braids | The Journey Of FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids With Bang

Bohemian Crochet Braids With Bang

This has definitely been a journey with the FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids...Here are my weekly pictures of FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids:

WEEK 1: I have tried this hair before and knew that I would love it! I love my new style. The cut is a bit more edgy this time. There is nothing too hard about caring for this style. I sleep with a huge satin bonnet and 'shake and go' in the mornings. I would use mousse to add shine to my hair and massage and oil my scalp. The braiding pattern makes it really easy to massage. I do use Giovanni LI and water mist to moisturize my braiding pattern. Love, Love Love!

WEEK 2: At the beginning of the week, I cleansed my scalp and washing my crochet braids. My hair wasn't too dirty and I didn't have much product buildup. I'm so used to washing my hair weekly that it's just force of habit - HEALTHY HAIR ROUTINE! There is not much I can do for styling my hair, since all of my hair is braided in a specific pattern...so I continue with the same style. The bang does get annoying from time to time, so I wear an elastic headband to cover the knots but to create a subtle but new style.

WEEK 3: I have kept up with my moisturizing and massaging regimen. I even did the GHE method with Olive oil and my braiding pattern and crochet braids were so moisturized!! My hair along my hairline is beginning to pop out and tangle with the crochet braids. Also, I feel like my hair is beginning to really dry out from the winter weather and the overcompensation of the oil massaged every other day. It's definitely time to take my hair out.

What are the pros of FreeTress Bohemian?

1). Looks very natural - I always got questions on how I got my 'wash n go' the way I did or what do I do to define my hair. I felt good knowing that no one would pick up that my style was crochet braids.

2). Easy to install and doesn't take a long time - This took me about 2 hours to do the braiding pattern and install the hair. That deserves a pat on the back!

3). Easy to wrap at night  - Just a satin bonnet and I'm well on my way to Dream Land.

4). Easy to moisturize own hair with applicator bottle or fingers - The beehive braiding pattern also helped with moisturizing my hair strategically. It was also each to cleanse my hair as well.

Bohemian Crochet Braids With Bang
5). Can 'wake, shake, and go' - If I'm running late, I had no worries about my hair!

6). No buildup on the hair - I didn't use too much product on my hair. Using mousse on the crochet braids really gave my hair lots of bounce and movement. Less product is the key!

7). Loved the braiding pattern - This braiding pattern was simple to put in, simple to care for, and simple to take out. I wanted the 'bang' look for my crochet braids and that's surely what I got.

What are the cons of FreeTress Bohemian?

1). No other style options - I didn't have any other options than 'crochet with bang' look. Next time, I will have the perimeter out (or twisted down) and I will be able to have more styling options (bun, pomp, hump, etc).


The FAQs about FreeTree Bohemian and Crochet Braids

"Is this style hard to do?"
Not at all! Check out my tutorial or other tutorials on YouTube. This is even the perfect style for a beginner.

"Why did you do that specific braiding pattern?
I wanted to create a bang for my style, instead of a defined part. So I decided to do the beehive braiding pattern, which is easy on my hair and my hairline than braiding to the back.

"How do you care for your crochet braids?
I use a water mist and olive oil three times a week. I use the ACV rinse, olive oil, and water mist (with Giovanni leave-in) for my weekly wash regimen. I also do the GHE method to really get moisture into my braiding pattern if I feel the daily routine is not enough. That moisturizes my hair and the crochet braids. 

I use a huge satin bonnet for the night. In the morning, I just shake and fluff.

Bohemian Crochet Braids With Bang

Check out How To Care For Natural Hair While Wearing Crochet Braids and 5 Tips On How To Care For Your Style for more information.  

When did you first think, "I miss my curls!"
Around week 2 is when I started to miss my curls. Now that it is winter, the cold and brisk weather dries my hair out. So I wanted to really put some TLC in for my hair, but I thought I would wait it out for a few more week.

 Do your friends and family like your style?
They absolutely love my hair and cannot believe that it is a crochet style. That really raises my confidence in my styles to show that I really good at concealing my faux styles and that they look very nice.

How did you like your style?
I rushed this style (for Black Friday shopping) during the process and feel like it could have been better. However, this was a great style to put my hair away for a few weeks.

Is there anything you would change about your crochet braids?
I wish I would have kept the perimeter out to blend in better with my style, for more options. With the perimeter braided, all I can do is a bang.

Is there anything you regret about your crochet braids?
I regret not taking more time to actually do my crochet braids. It doesn't look rushed, but I would have been happier if I taken more time for the process and to cut/style the hair.

How To Remove Crochet Braids Carefully

"Don't look at me!"

The Future Of FreeTress Bohemian

Would I get this hair again?
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hair! I would get this hair again.

Would I recommend?
I definitely recommend this hair!

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Natural hair says: The best way to find the hair for you is to continue to try different kinds of brands and products. Do your research and try them for yourself. If you need any assistance, check out Facebook crochet braids groups, message boards, or contact Twana on her website Crochet Braids By Twana.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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