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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair

Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair
During the cold winter months, natural hair tends to lose moisture and being more fragile. This is especially detrimental for those with fine, natural hair. Certain products that used  to work to keep moisture in your hair may not work as well now or you may have to add more product that usual, which can weigh the hair down terribly.

Well, no need to throw out those products. You just need a bit more 'UMPH' to add to your hair to keep the moisture in. Let's fight the cold, wintry batter with out HAIR AND BODY OIL!

I got the idea from Naptural 85 and her nutrient-pack hair and body oil...however, I wanted to make mine lighter for my own hair needs.

You may be thinking, "Why would I want oil for my fine hair? That would only weigh down my hair and make my hair strands limp..."

Well, fine hair is very fragile and has the tendency to break and can be easily damaged. This hair texture can be very oily, due to the type of products used on the hair. You don't want to use heavy products, which will cause your hair to be weighed down and stringy. What you need are light products to add volume to your hair. You would be better using products that quickly absorb into your hair, instead of leaving a heavy coating - creating the oily and weighed-down feeling.

It is best to use light oils to protect fine, natural hair. Use oils like:
Argan oil (enhances elasticity, gives shine, and natural source of vitamin E)
Sweet almond oil (conditions and softens, smoothes hair cuticle, boosts shine)
Jojoba oil (resembles human oil, highly penetrative for conditioning, leaves hair soft)
Grapeseed oil (conditions hair, great lightweight sealant, promotes hair growth)
Coconut oil (stimulates hair growth, softens and conditions hair, reduces hair loss)

Hair And Body Oil Recipe

Here is the recipe I have for my hair and body oil. I use this for my hot oil treatment, sealing the moisture in,  massaging my scalp 4xs a week, and also for my body during the winter (instead of baby oil or lotion).

Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair
4 oz Olive Oil
I decided to use olive oil and JBCO (being heavy oils) because I love the conditioning effects of the two oils. I mostly use my HB Oil for my body and as a hot oil treatment. If I use an oil for sealing my hair, it would be my sweet almond oil. My styler, CURLS cream, tends to moisturize and seal my hair is one use for days. So no need to pile product up on my hair.

Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair

Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair

It is best to add the DIY title on your products and the dates, so you are sure that your product won't get old on you. However, natural oils tend to have a long life span.

Hair And Body Oil For Fine, Natural Hair
And of course, I add my recipe on my applicator bottle as well. I want to make sure that I use the same recipe if I like it. If I didn't like the recipe, I would tweak it to see how  it works on my hair next time.

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Natural hair says: if you tend to use multiple oils for different uses, create your own hair and body oil for your hair needs. You can save money and avoid oily messes in your bathroom.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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