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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Natural Hair Inspiration | Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo

I thought I try something different for the week and do a faux-tapered look! One day I will cut my hair to have the tapered look, but for now I will style my hair that way. I'm not straying from my goals for this year, but I would love to see  how my hair would look. I saw this style and I knew that I just had to do it! So here is my style for the week:  The Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo.

Let's Get Started!


This style was inspired by Naptural 85, which her YouTube channel is Naptural85. The Faux Tapered Cut is so simple to do. I really wanted something easy for the week, but chic for my own creative style. So I decided to try this out!

Regimen And Products

I did my wash regimen and African Threading (for heatless method for stretching my hair), with APH Spray and allowed my hair to air dry during the day. I wanted my hair to be stretched in order to create a fluffy, yet defined look. Once my hair was completely stretched and dried, I used my Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout Cream and Hair And Body Oil to create this flawless look. 
Naptural 85 - Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo

I parted my hair from ear to ear and clipped the top half out of the way. Then, I parted the back of my hair down the middle to have two equal halves. I twisted my hair in a halo/goddess type of way and secured the two twists at the bottom.

For each flat twist, I twisted my hair down until an inch from the end. Then I used a purple perm rod to roll the ends (about 3 turns) and did this all over my head. I placed a hair net over my hair to keep the perm rods and my twists in place. I air dried over night.

Then  I took the perm rods and the twists out, in the morning. I fluffed and used a pick for more volume!

Naptural 85 - Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo

Check out Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo  to try the style for yourself!

Naptural 85 - Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo


Christina J

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