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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Contributing Article | 6 Raving Products I Tried That Did Not Work Me

6 Raving Products I Tried That Did Not Work Me

Whether you have a set regimen or not, you know better than to just purchase products on a whim.

Everyone knows that you must read 30 good and bad product reviews, watch 20 YouTube product reviews, and see if the product made it in the “empties” pile on numerous blogs before making a decision. I’m the opposite... I purchase everything to try!!!

...then I would get burned for it...#thirddegree

Check out 6 Raving Products I Tried That Did Not Work Me on Black Hair Information for more information. If you need tips on what products to pick for your own hair, check out 7 Tips On How To Pick The Best Hair Products For You.

Have you ever jumped on the bandwagon for a raving hair product or do you always do your research?

Natural hair says: if you have ever jumped on the natural hair bandwagon for a product that just did not work for you, swap it with your friends or family. If you think that the product is just bad all around, throw that ish away!!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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