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Sunday, April 17, 2016

6 Things You Need To Do When Your Ends Are Dry And Crispy

Hair Tips | How To Moisturize And Seal Hair Effectively

“My ends are so dry!” This can be so frustrating when you just put in your leave-in moisturizer, dabbed your ends with oil, and finished off with your favorite butter – just to find out that your hair is dry right when you get into work.

I used to be so confused on why my hair would not retain moisture during the day, especially my ends, and then I did some re-evaluating. If you have this issue, here are some things you should consider:

Check out 6 Things You Need To Do When Your Ends Are Dry And Crispy on Black Hair Information for more!

Natural hair says: If you do notice any damage to the ends of your hair, reevaulate your regimen and the products you are using. Then you will know how to revive or let go of those ends.

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