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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weave Tips | Senegalese Twists At The Salon

Protective Style Series Vol 10.2 | Senegalese Twists At The Salon
So remember in Protective Style Series Vol 10.1 | Prepping The Hair For Long-Term Style, I gave tips and methods to prepare your hair before getting your long-term style. Mine is going to be Senegalese twists! I will give you a few tips while sitting in the chair getting your hair braided:

Make sure you hair is moisturized
Check out how to prep your hair above to fully cleanse and moisturize your hair for a long-term style. I would suggest to use moisturizing creams and heavy oils than light moisturizers and mists and light oils.

Make sure your hair is stretched and blown out for braiding**
I know in Prepping The Hair I ended that article with my hair blow dried, moisturized, and stretched in two strand twists. But please make sure that your hair is in full blown out state before going to the braider...

Tell your braider exactly what you want
Don't let the braider choose the color nor the style. If you don't want your braids small, long, curly, etc., make sure you tell the braider. If you don't, your braider will just assume you are happy with the braiding technique and the style. Also, once a braider begins the styling process, you usually are not able to get a refund if you don't like it - SO SPEAK UP!
Protective Style Series Vol 10.2 | Senegalese Twists At The Salon

Don't get braids too small nor too tight
This is so important for your own hair health. Do not get comfortable with braids so tight that if the braider moves your braids, you flinch. And watch out for your edges! When your braider is braiding your edges, hold your finger down on the root. Putting your finger down on the root will relieve some stress to that area.

Make sure all braiders are on the same page
When you get your hair in a braided style, most times there will be more than one braider on your head. Make sure they all know what style you want. You don't want all your hair to be what you want, except for the front-right side of your hair being something totally different.

Once your hair is done, your braider will seal your hair with hot water. Then your braider will spray sheen and you are ready to go!

Natural hair says: the most important thing when getting your hair done is to SPEAK UP! Know what style you want and how the person is doing during the process of styling your hair. If you are hurting or uncomfortable, tell your stylist. A closed mouth does not get fed!

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Natural hair says: if you are planning to get your hair in a long-term style, pamper your hair on your own by following these steps. You want to minimize the stress on your hair as possible.
Always Desire Your Natural,
Christina J

***The first time I went to a braider (back in 2011), I washed my hair but did not blow dry it straight. Mind you, I was transitioning with my natural roots and relaxed ends. This braider used her regular comb (not wide tooth) and her hair dryer and began to break my neck with her "detangling methods." I saw small pieces of hair flying everywhere and she had no remorse for my hair. Never again did I go to her nor did I go get my hair braided without having my hair dry and straight.

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