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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weave Tips | Hair Style Ideas For Senegalese Twists

Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists
The last time I had Senegalese Twists, I shared styling options to spice up your protective style. Here are a few more styles to try!

Don't pull too tight when styling

It is so easy to get into the mood of styling your braids and for every 'braid' to be in the place you want it to be in. But remember to not style your buns, updos, and ponytails too tight. That can wreak havoc on your edges and you surely don't want that. Just make sure your hair is snug to keep the style in place.
Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists

Be mindful of the products you use

Use moisturizer at least 3xs a week. Watch your use any kind of gels, foams, oils, and butters which could create unwanted product buildup over time. 
Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists

Use elastic head bands and not ponytail holders

Use elastic headbands to style your hair. This will keep your styles snug, not tight. You will also be able to do your hair in a healthy, stress-free way and not in a way that would cause your vein to show in your forehead. Not cute!

Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists

Play around with hair accessories

Who said all you can do is keep your hair down and only do ponytails?! Make sure you get a few fun scarves and flowers to add FUN-NESS to your hair! Don't forget to stock up on cute hats and colorful clips.

Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists

Be creative when styling

For more of a POP to your style, two-strand twist huge sections to get a creative and intricate look. Your style will look fierce, but this will also help your twists/braids stay in place during the day.

Hair Styles For Senegalese Twists

Natural hair says: have fun with your twists and braids. Don't just wear your hair in a down style or in a boring ponytail. Take the time to style your hair in a cute hair doo and you will surely get a few "oos" and "ahhhs!" 

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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