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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Henna Gloss With Coconut Milk To Nourish And Strengthen

Henna Gloss With Coconut Milk Recipe
I'm definitely overdue for my henna treatment! Instead of doing my usually routine for my henna treatment, I decided to try a henna gloss and use the recipe from Jen of JustGrowAlready as inspiration.

Why Henna Gloss?

Henna acts as a protein treatment to strengthen the hair. The longer you keep the mix in your hair, the more fortified the hair strands will be. However, henna can also be very drying to your hair. Usually a henna gloss will allow the hair to maintain the moisture as well as fortifies the hair. 

Henna gloss is easier to apply, has awesome slip, easier to rinse out, and leaves your hair conditioned and soft.

Benefits Of Adding Coconut Milk

While the henna will make the hair strands plump and strong, coconut milk contains vitamin E to promote hair growth, reduces premature hair graying, reduces breakage and split ends, and is an awesome deep conditioner for extra moisture to the hair shaft.
Henna Gloss With Coconut Milk Recipe

100g Jamila Henna (check the expiration date)
1 can Coconut Milk
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp. Hibiscus (promotes hair growth, decrease hair shedding, provides reddish tint)
7-10 drops Lavender Essential Oil (heals hair and scalp, stress reducer, sweet aroma)
Microwave/plastic bowl with top
Saran wrap

Pour the henna and hibiscus in the deep bowl. Slowly pour in the can of warm coconut milk while mixing with a spoon. Add essential oils to the mix and continue to stir the mixture with your spoon. If your mix is too thick and lumpy, pour boiling water slowly into the mixture until the consistency is smooth, creamy, and like 'pancake batter.'

Once complete, cover the bowl with plastic wrap (with a top, optional) overnight. This will allow the dye to be released (if that's what you are aiming for).

Once you dye has released, give the henna one more 'spoonage.' The henna is ready...

Henna Gloss With Coconut Milk Recipe

While Applying Henna, Use:

Plastic cap
Saran Wrap
Old Bonnet
Knee-high sock (optional, but recommended)
Old towel
Old T-shirt
Applicator brush (optional)
Vaseline (optional, but recommended)
Bobby pins or Clips (optional)

Henna Gloss With Coconut Milk To Nourish And Strengthen

Start on freshly washed hair...Have EVERYTHING ready before even touching the henna!

Put your gloves on (unless you want orange nails and fingers). Rub Vaseline on your ears, forehead, and neck so you won't get any stains from the henna.

Section your hair in 4-6 sections. Start in the back and begin to apply the henna to your hair and to the ends. Once applied, wrap your hair in a bantu knot (use bobby pin to secure if necessary) and move on to the next section. Make sure each section is is fully coated.

Apply VERY SLOWLY...Once your hair is full of henna and bantu knots, wrap your hair with saran wrap, plastic cap, knee-high sock (just in case henna tries to seep out), and an old bonnet. Allow to sit for 4+ hours or over night.
Henna Gloss With Coconut Milk To Nourish And Strengthen

The next day, rinse the henna out THOROUGHLY. This could 3-7 rinses depending on how much henna is in your hair and how long your hair is. Once the water runs clear from your hair, proceed with deep conditioning your hair.
Henna Gloss With Coconut
Milk To Nourish And Strengthen

My Experience

Mixing the henna was really easy, even more so easy than just using green tea. The coconut mix allowed the henna to mix very smoothly, with a creamy touch. 

I decided to do the henna treatment on freshly washed hair because it would be easier to smooth onto my hair and I would deep condition right afterwards.

Once rinsed out, I continued with my washing regimen. I'm going to continue with this conditioning henna treatment more often than a full protein henna treatment. I absolutely loved the way it made my hair soft with loads of protein, instead of just hard to the touch.

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Natural hair says: if your hair is fine, thin, damaged, excessively shedding, or you just want a good conditioning session, try using henna gloss. The standard henna may be too strong for your hair, so do a this version to get the same and other benefits. 

 Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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