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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Roller Set | Perm Rod Set On Dry And Stretched Natural Hair

Perm Rod Set On Dry And Stretched Natural Hair

My natural hair is not the same as your natural hair, quite frankly not all naturalistas have thick, voluminous hair! Some of us have fine, less dense hair that causes us to look for helpful information to keep our hair moisturized, supple, and retaining length.
Truth moment: I do get jealous of those with thick, voluminous hair while my fine and wispy hair lays flat against my scalp.

So here I am trying to think of some new styling options to get some awesome volume and then it came to me: Do a perm rod set on dry/stretched hair!

Makes sense! Let's try it out:

Products For Perm Rod Set

    Orange Perm Rods

    Denman Brush (for detangling)

      I absolutely love the Corkscrew/Figure 8 Perm Rod Set method. Check out Natural Hair | Heatless Coily Perm Rod Corkscrew Curls Set Tutorial for a visual tutorial!

      Setting The Dry Perm Rod Set

      Start with freshly washed and stretched (African Threading Method or Bands and Twists Method).

      Section hair in four to six sections for easier setting for the style. Make sure your hair is detangled when working in each section. I sectioned my hair with bantu knots to keep my hair stretched and easy to manage.

      It is easier to start from the back to the front. Be sure to smooth the product into your hair and to really get the ends as well.

      Starting at the end of your hair, roll the flexi rod UPWARDS to your scalp while twisting the perm rod in a "figure-8" motion. Continue to do this all over your hair.

      Once complete you can air dry overnight or use your hooded dryer to set the hair. Make sure the hair is completely dry before taking out the rollers.
      Perm Rod Set On Dry And Stretched Natural Hair
      Once hair is completely dry, take out all the rods. Separate the curls ONCE for a fuller look and use a pick to lift the roots, to hide the parts in the hair.
      Perm Rod Set On Dry And Stretched Natural Hair

      Check out 5 Tips To Get Volume For Fine And Low Density Hair on Black Hair Information for more hair tips for fine hair!

      Check out more rod styles:

      Perm Rod Set On Dry And
      Stretched Natural Hair

      Natural hair says: this is a fun and low manipulation style to do. It is simple to do and can last for the week. The color added it also a fun way to add some "umph" to your style and it is certainly something different. 

      Always Desire Your Natural,

      Christina J

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