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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weave Tips | HUGE and VOLUMINOUS FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids

So I have definitely been crushing on Jewellianna aka JeweJeweBee for a long, long time! I love her personality, her YouTube channel content, and of course her HUGE and VOLUMINOUS hair!!! Just check out her channel and see what I mean...

I got to thinking that it's definitely time for another crochet braids set and decided to do a HUGE and VOLUMINOUS set!

Hair, Color, And Packs

I absolutely love the Bohemian Curl pattern, so I decided to go for that curly, kinky look:
FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids
Brand: FreeTress
Type: Bohemian Braid
Color: #2 Dark Brown (1/2 pack), #4 Light Brown (1.5 pack)
Price: $5.99/pack (purchased 3 packs)

(Picked up #30, but did not use this time)

Prepping Natural Hair

I prepared my hair by doing my wash regimen and also heatless stretched my hair with the Bands N Twists For Stretched Hair
HUGE and VOLUMINOUS FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids
Once my hair was fully dry, I braided my hair in order to have a side part. The top braids were much smaller than the ones in the back so the part would look natural.

Crochet Braids Process

I did NOT cut the dark brown hair in half. I wanted more length in the back, so I crocheted the hair at full length in the back. I did split the hair in 2-4 times. For the light brown hair, I did cut the hair in half and split the hair for the top to create the volume. For my side part, I add hair using the knotless method to create a natural part. Once all the hair was completely in the hair, I shaped the hair into a long bob with my hair shears.
HUGE and VOLUMINOUS FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids

This hair resembles a wash n go style, with lots of frizz and volume. I don't mind the frizz at the beginning of this install. The crocheting process took about 3.5 hours to do, because of all the separating and the shaping. I wanted to really take my time to create the big-hair look.

I love, love, love my new style!!!
HUGE and VOLUMINOUS FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids

I'm sure I will keep for 2 or 3 weeks. Since this is a "shake and go" style, there is no styling necessary, which is great for me.

And There You Have It!

Check out my crochet braids journey!

Click for my crochet braids articles! Make sure to follow my crochet braids journey!

Natural hair says: Even if you think the curl pattern won't look good on you, try the hair anyways! You never know something unless you try it.

Always Desire Your Natural,

 Christina J

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