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Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Hair Diary | Accepting My Big Chop #2

Accepting My Big Chop #2
So I just came to the realization of accepting my Big Chop #2...yes, I know. I'm so late...let's go back to 2014...

I was just coming off of relaxing my edges for a partial weave in 2014, which my natural hair grew right back out (after cutting the partial perm). I wore my hair in curly styles for a few months, but then I wanted something different and decided to get my hair flat ironed in November 2014...

...my hair never reverted. From 3-10 months I found that my twist outs were looking thin, my hair was shedding like crazy, my ends kept splitting, and even my protective styles didn't look right. My hair was damaged and more so, the damage dated back to when I got my hair flat ironed, which was about 10 months earlier (I had 5.5 inches of 'new growth'). I was caring for heat damaged hair for almost a year!!! I promise I thought I had a certain hair texture, but I was absolutely wrong.
My Hair Diary | My Mini Chop From Heat Damage
When I found my heat damage, it was in September 2015 and I chopped ALL of the damage in October to celebration my 3rd year of being a naturalista!

I thought transitioning would have been real stupid for me and I believed the Big Chop was a way for me to literally go back to my own natural hair textured that I absolutely love. I needed a fresh start.

My Mane Speaks | Yasss Girl! Big Chop Number 2
Now, that it's July 2016 and almost a year after my Big Chop, I have FINALLY accepted my Big Chop. It took me a long time because I put so much effort to grow my hair and retain length. I thought I just wasted my time.

However, I know if I said "I wish I did things differently" or "I wish I would have known about this before" I would have never learned from my mistakes. I rather this happen to me now, than down the road when I do reach my ultimate goal: huge volume and waist length.

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Natural hair says: continue to learn more about your hair. This is definitely a journey, so there are no easy ways about this. However, don't make this journey hard either. Document notes, take pictures, and read other natural hair journeys. This will inspire you to continue on your own. Click to start your own hair diary!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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