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Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Hair Diary | The Flat Iron And My Disgust With People

Image Credit: Tall N Curly

People can be vultures for real!!!!
When I had a TWA, most of my family and friends didn't like my new style. They actually kept saying to "do something with my hair" or "you leave the house like that?" kind of comments. However, I continued to strut my stuff and love my short hair.
Then, my hair began to retain length and my family and friends came around to loving my coily kinks. They would say "wow, I absolutely love your hair" or "I wish I had curls like that." I loved the comments, but they didn't define how I would do my hair. Then, this came up...


Are you kidding me???? And I could be blowing this way out of proportion...if this was only a few times. But no! This happens about 3 times a day. A DAY! A DAAAYYYYYY!!! Seriously, I am told with extra declaration:

  • Why don't you flat iron your hair?
  • Have you heard of Brazilian blowouts?
  • I wonder what your hair looks like straight...
  • You would look amazing with straight hair!
  • Have you ever straightened your hair?
  • Want my beautician's number?
  • What about that straight hair you used to have?
  • Why don't you just flat iron it?
  • You can do so many styles with straight hair!
  • I bet we can see your true length with straight hair...
And my response is always, "Well, thank you. But I love my coily hair." And I leave it at that.

Seriously, I'm not about to argue with you over how I wear my hair. I won't go off on you just for that. However, if you don't want to listen to my story on why I hardly straighten my hair, then you can walk away.

People, I just don't straighten my hair...like hardly ever!

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Natural hair says: let others where their own hair and live!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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