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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Contributing Article | Crown Breakage Is Real!

Crown Breakage Is Real! 4 Tips To Re-Evaluate Your Hair Regimen

Usually when I take out a protective style, I look for retained growth from the 6-8 weeks of wearing the style. After finally washing my hair from the remnants of the protective style, I’m absolutely excited about the end results.

That’s one of the perks of wearing a protective style, but on the flip side long term styles can also cause breakage in different areas of your head including the crown.

Check out Crown Breakage Is Real! 4 Tips To Re-Evaluate Your Hair Regimen for more information. I'm telling you, this one is good and very helpful!

Have you experienced breakage at the crown of your head? What are your tips?

Natural hair says: Is it important to keep a close watch on what you use, styles you do, and how you handle your own hair. Document notes and take pictures. Click to start your own hair diary!

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