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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hair Tips | Give Up The Comb For Healthy, Natural Hair

Hair Tips | Detangle Fine Natural Hair
"I haven’t combed my hair in almost two years and my hair is the longest it has ever been."

This is a quote I saw on BGLH's article True Life: I’m a Type 4 Natural and I Haven’t Combed My Hair in 2 Years. I mean it makes perfect sense to keep the combs and brushes away from curly, coily, and kinky hair. The detangling process should be gentle and steadily slow.

Combs and brushing can literally cause severe mechanical damage to your strands. As you are combing or brushing your hair, you will come across many tangles and knots. Remember:

WEAK strands=LOTS of breakage=NO length retention

Why am I trying this No Combing challenge?

While I was detangling my hair with my Denman brush the other day, I heard the scariest sound ever...I heard my hair snap! I was literally crying and just left my hair alone that day. I was taking my sweet time and was slowly detangling with the Denman...but even that slow process had no respect for my fine strands. So, I'm trying something different to continue on my healthy hair journey.

What are the benefits of finger detangling?

Improved curl definition
First of all you aren't ripping your curls and coils out with a comb. When you use your fingers, you allow your curls to form naturally and your curls defined seamlessly.

Softer hair and healthier ends
When you finger detangle your hair by feeling the tangles and knots, you will be able to gently pull the strands apart. You won't be tearing out your hair, like using a comb or brush. Your hair will be softer and your ends thicker (not tapered and damaged).

Less breakage and "snapping" sounds
When you can feel the SSK's (single-strand knots) and tangles, you would be able to separate your hair by feeling. Combs and brush snag and separate the hair like a "wishbone," which is messed up way to literally rake through your hair with no caution nor real feeling.

Less discomfort
Your scalp with surely feel better from not using a brush nor comb! Your fingers will be able to feel the tangles and knots, which will make the detangling session less painful than when using combs and brushes. Using your fingers are a gentle way to detangle successfully.

These benefits definitely sound good to me and I would love to try this out...but it may be tough for me to put down my detangling tools...

What do I use to detangle now?

I definitely finger detangle most of the time when caring for my hair. When you are finger detangling, you are simply using your fingers to separate your strands and prevent them from knotting. This will take longer than combing or brushing; however, You will be able to feel where the tangles are and detangle your hair with ease. I love using Coconut oil to help with finger detangling.

Denman brush

Denman Brush
I tend to use the Denman if I am going for a sleek look like a perm rod set or to help stretch my hair using African Threading. I always use the Denman AFTER finger detangling my hair with conditioner to ensure that the knots and tangles are gone.

Fine Tooth Comb (for parting)
Let's get this straight....NEVER have I EVER used a fine tooth comb for detangling!!! No ma'am! Now, I do use this comb to part my hair for styling purposes, but that's about it for this type of comb.

The only thing about not using a comb or Denman to detangle the hair thoroughly is to not have that sleek finish. However, this is not a great disadvantage compared with the benefits of solely finger detangling.

Detangle Fine Natural Hair

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Natural hair says: a healthy hair journey is about making mistakes, writing those mistakes down in your Hair Diary, learning from those mistakes, and improving your hair regimen to make more mistakes. Don't settle on what you think is perfect for your hair. Continue to learn more about your hair and how it can be the healthiest it can be!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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